Parking at our Office

In case ever needed, these parking instructions and quarters
will be kept just inside our office by our front door.

Parking during NON-BUSINESS HOURS:

Best to use our two reserved parking spaces – Signs that say “Easy Spine, Suite B-11 only”. But no worries, you can park anywhere in our mostly empty parking lot during off-hours.

Parking during regular weekday business hours M-F 9-5:

Use the two parking spaces almost directly in front, but slightly off to the left, of our office. Parking signs will say “Easy Spine, Suite B-11 only”.

If both parking spaces reserved for Easy Spine are filled, just momentarily double park behind our parking spaces to get quarters and instructions, as needed, at our front desk.

Please do not park

in front of any other

reserved parking space

during weekday business hours

Thank you

If our two reserved parking spaces for suite B-11 are filled, and you do not have change or a credit card:

  • Double park temporarily – with warning lights flashing – behind our two reserved parking spaces.
  • Near the front door inside our office will be a bowl of quarters along with these parking instructions printed out. Can exchange quarters for dollar bills or just make a note of it to pay back later.
  • Go around the building (make right out of parking lot, and make very next right onto Chestnut street. Most always plenty of metered parking along the first block of this residential street.


  • If this block of metered parking is filled up (which will just about never happen), Public Parking 1-2 blocks from office;
    • Make the next right turn – you can turn right into alleyway next to our building or the first street right onto Tilbury Street – street sign missing.
    • You could make first right again onto Rosedale Avenue. But probably easier to first check parking lot on same side of Wisconsin Ave by going one more block (if using alleyway, zigzag left-right). This parking lot is the next block over on Maple Avenue – between Wisconsin Ave and Tilbury Street. $1.25 / hour, max of 2 hours.
    • Second option is the Woodmont Triangle public parking garage at Woodmont & Rugby Ave. From Rosedale Ave or Maple Ave:
      • Make first right onto Wisconsin Ave – 355.
      • First left onto Battery Lane (a street light intersection with gas station on left).
      • First left on to Woodmont Ave. Public Parking garage (signage says “Woodmont Triangle” or Woodmont Ave & Rugby Ave Gararge”) will be on your right. 80 cents per hour, Max time more than 4 hours.

Our Suite B-11 entrance is on the same level as parking lot.