Open House

Next Open House date to be announced.

Email drsteve [at] easyspine [dot] com for being notified.

Download (PDF, 1005KB)

Friday, Feb 7 — 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Come in, drop by — whenever you want

Everyone had such great time with first Open House, we’re doing it again!

All activities according to expressed interests

* NSA Care session – free, but not if you’re camera-shy –  to be videotaped
* Q & A discussion
* Talk about your experience
* Find your natural style of healing
* Learn how to work on yourself and loved ones
* Watch & learn what happens during NSA Care sessions
* Hang out and have fun

Healthy all-organic snack food – desserts, food bars, fruit juice, cheese & olives…

Video cameras will be running in treatment room only,
for internet educational & marketing purposes.

No charge for this event

Invite friends and family – all are welcome

RSVP for you and guest appreciated but not required

Dr. Steve Gardner
(301) 986-4810
drsteve [at] easyspine [dot] com