Health Concerns Addressed

Network Care, in my opinion, is a vitally effective choice to consider in addressing the following:

  • * Anxiety
  • * Stress — difficulty in coping with current life situation
  • * Numbing, tingling, painful sensations down arms (carpal tunnel syndrome) and legs (sciatica)
  • * Back pain
  • * Neck pain
  • * Scoliosis
  • * Posture
  • * Chronic pain
  • * Depression
  • * Injury recovery — whiplash, auto accidents, sports injuries, etc.
  • * Addictions, if there is enough cooperation to follow through with recommended care
  • * Sleep disorders — insomnia
  • * Balance – preventing falls
  • * Busy mind with lots of “mental chatter”, miss the “sense of wonder I had as a kid”
  • * Self-confidence
  • * Lifestyle choices: Diet, exercise, meditation, less use of medications
  • * Athletic performance
  • * Job performance
  • * Public presentations: speaking before an audience, music, teaching, acting, etc.
  • * Personal relationships, less alarm and anger, more compassion
  • * I seem to be stuck in a pattern I keep repeating over and over again
  • * ADD Attention Deficit Disorder –
    Lack of focus — at work, school studies, etc. As with all symptoms, labels, in my opinion, are often a disservice. The person’s sense of self-identity begins to “own” the problem, as in “I have ADD.” To a large extant, self-identity determines what we can perceive and act upon. The same can be said of all symptoms.

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