Just Get Me Out of Pain

Stress and pain anywhere in the head, neck, back, shoulders, hips…, you just can’t feel right, and no-one would understand how you feel even if you could tell them. You may feel helpless.

If you’re in too much pain to read the rest of this page, then call me – Dr. Steve Gardner – directly at (301) 986-4810. Please note that this is not for medical emergencies.

Yet when given a chance to let go of stress-defense physiology, we find that the human spine has an amazing capacity to fully recover, even when there’s a history of trauma and severe physical injuries.

These days, you don’t have to look very far to see what people under stress look like. Look more closely and you’ll see what, on some level, has always been obvious — stressed people, even without pain, move more or less like their spine had a metal rod going through it. And they breathe like they’re being choked.

To find what wellness looks like, you may have to go to a playground where children run about, or perhaps where people are hanging out in joyful rapport with one another. Spines that move like leaves bending in the wind.

In a moment, I’ll take you to a video that will show people developing this wellness. But first, I better prepare you for what you’re about to see. You’ll be watching full, completely natural, human expressions under wellness care. Their movements are being coordinated, without thinking, from an enhanced body’s internal communication network. No premeditated exercise, no-one being coached into behaving a certain way. As you see these graceful, undulating spinal waves, you might wonder, “How or why can they be moving like that? Are their movements involuntary?” The answer is no, nothing is forcing them to move. They’re moving only when they feel like moving, and in whatever way they care to. They can disallow or stop such movements at anytime, and there will be times when they do.

You see, there’s a time to be this way and a time to be that way. Life moves through phases. Big phases of several months or years, along with short phases of hours, minutes, or even seconds. Life is good when we can flow with the changes.

If your house was on fire right now, this would not be the time to be reading this page. But if it feels like “your house is always on fire”, maybe it’s time to take a step back. See what you have. Sometimes, even though it might be right underneath your nose, you would hardly know it, until you had a chance to take a breath, feel, smell and see everything in a different light.

Hello, my name is Dr. Steve Gardner. I was one of the first 100 doctors to be fully certified in a leading, cutting-edge methodology called Network Spinal Analysis. This system, by systematically revealing the subtleties of the body’s innate wisdom, allows us to lead a person’s advancing ability to heal oneself naturally. My colleague, Dr. Cliff Inkles, has worked with Dr. Donald Epstein, the developer of this technique system, before it was taught to any other doctors in 1983. Network Spinal Analysis, or NSA, has been advancing with amazing speed ever since. It’s with much gratitude that I’ve been able to stay on top of the latest developments, through Dr. Epstein’s seminars while, since 2008, continuing my advanced, personal training with Dr. Inkles every month.

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Feel free to roam around this website and other websites on NSA Care. No requirement to study anything though, unless you’re curious. The necessary steps for getting started will be to contact a certified practitioner.

If you’re anywhere in the vicinity of Washington DC or Bethesda, Maryland, you may see me directly by calling (301) 986-4810 or emailing me at drsteve [at] easyspine [dot] com

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If you’re not in the Washington DC – Maryland – Virginia area, you may locate a practitioner at Association for Reorganizational Healing Practice

A few key concepts, in case you want to quickly get the gist of what’s most important:

Recovering from stress, trauma, injury and disease requires a body optimizing its ability to adapt. Adaptation can loosely be thought of as “rolling with the changes”. Changes in the outer world, as well as the ever-changing world inside the body. Network Care works because we’re increasing the efficiency and capacity for the body to adapt to change. The benefits of optimizing the body’s ability to recover from trauma, injury and disease:

(1) Significant reduction of time needed to recover from traumas, injuries, and even chronic conditions over the course of one’s life.

(2) Significantly greater capacity to participate more fully in life without being easily overwhelmed by future challenging events – stress resilience.

(3) Improved athletic performance, job performance, and personal relationships.

As the defense physiology loses its grip on life, it becomes more satisfying to experience life just as it is.

Network Care achieves its results without fostering a dependence on anything, not even the Network Care practitioner. Your increased capacity to adapt to change starts with the first session. It’s kinesthetic learning, like learning to ride a bike. Whatever you gain will last a lifetime. When you use my services, it will always be for growth in wellness, not for getting the same results over and over again.

Best Regards,

Dr. Steve Gardner

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