Post-traumatic stress disorder

Sometimes trauma, as you may already know, can be so extreme an encroachment on your safety, survival, and dignity, that some form of the experience relentlessly persists through nightmares, flashbacks, and the like. It’s as if the event is on automatic replay, desperately searching for resolution, closure, and peace of mind.

Your nervous system, during such an event, was on overload. At that moment, you underwent an onslaught of sensory, life-changing information that could not have been fully absorbed or made sense of. And now it seems to have a life of its own, waiting to somehow be emotionally absorbed. Since the event cannot be undone and is now part of your life experience, it has to find some way for ultimately becoming a non-violating part of your total being.

In a way, it’s as if the trauma needs to play itself out without being re-lived. If only the experience could be digested in a peaceful, meaningful manner, allowing you to regain your composure without having to deny your experience. Otherwise, it may still feel like you’re in a bind, as if gripped by the event. Physically and emotionally.

NSA chiropractic doctors find that persistent, physical tension patterns in the back and neck, i.e., along the spine and torso, fit the pattern of being a mirror of events that still trigger us to this day. Apparently, the nervous system acquires a software modification for any experience that threatens our survival. Whether that be physical survival, or sometimes, simply the identity of who we are.

Yet inside that stuck tension is a huge amount of energy ready to bring meaningful closure, resolution, and vitality back into your life.

Sometimes, maybe even most of the time, while being adjusted under Network Care, you’ll just be feeling your body, your back especially, not even knowing what’s playing out. Most often, it will feel very good, but different. Just enough to be interesting. Feelings will come and go. Perhaps not uncommonly, some of the feelings may seem like they belong to distant memories. Experienced like you would feel the memory of an old friend. Yet oftentimes not knowing what memory the feeling was associated with. Not that it will matter, as the memory is now coming up within a reassuring context.

Under Network Care, fostering a growing sense of safety and inner peace must be unfailingly and deeply honored. The Network chiropractor is comprehensively trained to know exactly how to proceed towards that end. It’s actually our practice to be completely absorbed in this – in mind and spirit, along with the unspoken language of posture and tone of voice.

That being said, although post-traumatic stress disorder is not the same thing as anxiety, it’s still the same explanation, as far as the basic mechanics are concerned, for how Network Spinal Analysis Care is arguably the most powerful method of treatment for both conditions.

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