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Why – What’s This All About?

How can this be so different, yet still be chiropractic?

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Why We Do What We Do?

We specialize in Network Spinal because as chiropractors we find that people heal most effectively when connected to their natural instincts. That we’re biologically designed to grow and evolve in following our life’s pursuits. This was the original intent of chiropractic.

Our clinical experience confirms this.  People’s lives change.  Not just because they got out of pain.  It becomes easier to adapt to the physical, emotional, and life situational changes that life demands.


How can this be so different, yet still be chiropractic?

NSA Care, the system we use, grew out of the chiropractic profession, yet its methods and approach is experienced very differently from what’s typically expected at a chiropractor’s office. Forcing the adjustment, i.e., “cracking your back” when it’s against your inclinations, is not necessary. Everything that happens during a Network Spinal Adjustment of your back happens through what you do naturally, while being gently guided into increasingly more effective healing strategies that were already programmed into your DNA  This way, under Network Spinal Care, you will no longer have to come back repeatedly for the same short-term results.

Depending on what your body likes, for some people – not everyone, when the time is right, a Network Spinal adjustment could at some point feel like the old-style manipulation of your back or neck chiropractic had long come to be known for.

Except one major difference;  It will feel like it was your own natural movement fully controlling the process throughout the procedure that got the release. (Believe me, if that scares you, the same freedom of movement will come about ever more gracefully some other way.)  Other times, it can feel like you’re getting a deep tissue massage of your back and neck.  Yet that will also be through your own natural movements going deep into your spine.

The chiropractor’s touch is facilitating, taking advantage of what has always been there, guiding you and inspiring you all along.  So even though Network Spinal may be attractive to those used to receiving low force, non-force, or soft touch chiropractic, this is in a category all its own.


Most Useful For:

Whether you’re in excruciating pain, suffering from anxiety,… PTSD,… poor posture,… stress from an out-of-control personal relationship, stress in general and all its related issues, or just want to enhance your game in public speaking, singing, or any other coordination-dependent activity, I’d love to help you!

Gentle NSA Chiropractor in Bethesda MD


Physical Therapy Home Exercise

Network Care also includes an exercise training program called Somato-Respiratory Integration (SRI). This empowers you to facilitate your healing and growth whenever and wherever, independently of a practitioner, by using your hands if possible, the timing of your natural breathing rhythms, specifically directed movements, and the focus of where you place your attention. Like learning to ride a bike, the natural skill set you acquire from even just a few seconds of SRI here and there on a regular basis, will promote a lifetime of self-correcting posture and neural integrity.

For accidents and injuries impacting your activities of daily living, this will be a vital hands-on physical therapy training, integral to Network Chiropractic Care in augmenting the skills that become second nature to you as you continue your recovery at home.



Easy Spine is located four blocks south of the Medical Center Metro station at NIH on the Red Line — Washington DC’s subway system, with free parking in front of our office.

Dr. Steve Gardner has been practicing Network Care in the Washington, DC area since 1996, after graduating from Parker College of Chiropractic. He was one of the first 100 chiropractors to be fully certified in this work, and continues to be very dedicated to staying on top of its rapidly advancing developments. His work has been instrumental for bringing the Network Spinal Analysis chiropractic technique system to the Washington DC Metropolitan area and Mid-Atlantic region. Having practiced in McLean, Virginia, Annapolis and Potomac, his practice is now located in Bethesda, MD. He continues to see people from as far away as Northern Virginia, West Virginia, Southern Maryland, and just over the Maryland line north of Baltimore and Frederick.

Free consultation: phone (301) 986–4810, email and at office.


"The NSA chiropractic approach is one of the most positive modalities I have ever received. I have found greater ease in my body and in letting go of stress. I feel happier, lighter, more relaxed, more connected, and willing to take more risks. I notice I’m more confident about speaking up in front of a group of people. My neck and upper back tension is gone, my knees are so much better, and there is less tension in my jaw."
- La Sarmiento, Reiki Teacher

“It has been my pleasure to be in treatment with Dr. Steve Gardner for many years. Dr. Steve is a gifted healer who continues to amaze me. Network care integrates the body, mind and spirit. Dr. Steve is always up to the minute with the most advanced healing skills - don't let his modesty mislead you! Dr. Steve Gardner fills me with wonder and gratitude for his healing gift!”
- Candace Pert, PhD, internationally recognized neuroscientist, pharmacologist, author of two books, and over 250 published scientific articles.


There can be no doubt that we are witnessing the birth of a powerful method of healing, grounded in rigorous scientific fact that will become integral to future systems of health care."

- Dr. Kim Jobst, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, (JACM)