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Dr. Steve Gardner

My commitment is to help each individual maximize his/her health potential. I started out as a chiropractor specializing in Network Spinal Analysis because I find it unparalleled in fostering the life that was meant to be lived according to one’s true purpose. Before becoming a chiropractor, I was practicing craniosacral, physical therapy, ayurveda, and shiatsu, with some training in Chinese medicine and acupuncture along the way.  My decision to practice Network Spinal Analysis over 20 years ago, along with craniosacral therapy whenever helpful, has been the culmination of finding what yields the most profound results.

Dr. Steve Gardner, gentle NSA chiropractor in Bethesda, MD near metro. Since completing my doctorate of chiropractic in 1996, I have committed to staying on top of the latestadvancements in my discipline, attending many Network Care seminars each year. I was one of the first 100 chiropractors to receive the highest level of certification available in this cutting edge, neurological work, as well as one of the first to be certified as a practitioner of Network Care’s home instruction practice – Somato Respiratory Integration.

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 I’m amazed at what people are capable of recovering from and achieving with just a little, gentle help along the way.