Easy Spine

Frequently Asked Questions



I have _____.  Will it go away under NSA chiropractic care at easyspine?


People under NSA chiropractic care generally find resolution to even long-standing issues, oftentimes when nothing else seems to work.  Although it may seem ironic, we believe that this is, in part, because we are not focused on getting rid of symptoms.  We find results are more lasting and satisfying when we strengthen what’s already working in the body, rather than enforcing any adversarial nature between person and symptom.  In this way, the person comes out ahead, significantly strengthened in how they move through challenges from past or future stressors.

Click here for a list of health and wellness concerns for which we typically get very satisfying results.



How much does this care cost and do you take insurance?


Fees listed below.  How much your care will actually cost you over a given period after your initial appointment will of course depend on how often you’re coming in, which can vary widely, depending on how quickly you want to proceed, current condition, spinal/neural integrity, and personal goals.  There are many different options here, which I hope you will read about at this link.  By the end of the initial evaluation, after discussing what is important to you, and evaluating your spine and nerve responsiveness, I’ll be able to tell you more about what can work for you, and what would be the ideal recommendations, inasmuch as you would like to know, for getting started.

As for cost per visit after your initial appointment;   During the course of your care, you can choose any one of the following options at any time with the understanding that the visit packages are non-refundable.  Also, good to know the care packages can be shared with family members and friends, and you can use the visits at your own pace, without any time limit;

Pay per visit: $90 / office visit

10 visit package $800 (comes out to $80 / visit)

26 visit package $1820 (comes out to $70 / visit)

50 visit package $3000 (comes out to $60 / visit)

You can use your HSA or FSA for chiropractic services.

Exception for anyone who has documentation showing they are currently serving or has served in the military, as well as police officers and firefighters:  Initial appointment $75 instead of the usual $150.  $60 per visit after the initial appointment without having to pay for a non-refundable care package.  Spouse and dependents included.

We accept insurance to the extent your insurance plan provides coverage.

We are in network with Care First.

Regardless of what type of insurance plan you may or may not have, please plan to pay $150 out of pocket for your initial appointment unless we had enough time to verify and approve your insurance plan benefits before your appointment. 


I was recently in a car accident. Will your services be covered by my auto insurance?


Most likely. Here’s what we need to know and what you should be aware of.


How long is each visit?

For your initial appointment, please allow 2 and a half hours in case we need all that time for consultation, spinal and neural assessment, and beginning your network spinal care.  Sometimes, all we need is an hour or so, but everyone is different.

After your initial appointment, how much time for each visit will vary according to:

  • Where you are in care and what’s going on in your life. What you’re showing up with, and how readily you’re responding.  Some of the healing changes require more time.  Sometimes less time.
  • How much time is spent during any particular visit on guiding you through the Somato Respiratory Integration exercises that you can do at home.

For busy people, when all you have is 15 minutes, that’s enough time to accomplish what matters most – “downloading” something new into your nervous system.  But in general, it’s good if you can allow for half an hour, at least every now and then if nothing else, maybe a little longer for advancing your home exercise program.  If time allows in your schedule, depending on what you need at the time, we may go longer.

All visits include chiropractic adjustment, using Network Spinal chiropractic technique system.  Most visits also include Somato-Respiratory Integration training.


What are your hours of operation?


The initial appointment has to be scheduled outside of regular hours.  After this initial office visit, you’ll be able to come in anytime during the hours posted here.



Where is your office located?


In Bethedsa, Maryland – 8311 Wisconsin Ave., Suite B-11, zip code 20814.  This is just 4 blocks south of the Medical Center Metro (subway) station at National Institutes of Health (NIH), and 9 blocks north of the Bethesda Metro station – both stations on the Red Line, which runs from downtown Washington DC to Gaithersburg, MD. More complete information on directions and parking here at our blog.



Can I still get a regular chiropractic adjustment, you know, the kind where they crack your spine?


Under NSA chiropractic care, we want to see that you are developing the ability to find the tension as it’s coming up, and release it on your own as needed.  The chiropractic adjustment you are referring to in your question is one in which the chiropractor locates joints under high tension, and then manipulates with a high velocity thrust to release the tension for you.

Tension of muscles and ligaments control the position of each bone.  Nerves control tension.  Chiropractors using NSA chiropractic principles are focused on what strategies you can reproduce without having to think about it, as various demands on the body come up in daily life.  This keeps you from coming up against the same roadblock over and over again for feeling vital and well.

There’s a great deal of diversity amongst chiropractors and chiropractic techniques.  Sometimes a given technique calls for a low amplitude force, sometimes a high velocity thrust.  That’s when you may hear the audible clunk.

What makes NSA chiropractic care so gentle is that the practitioner is using his hands to move precisely in stride with what you are already doing or ready to be gently led into coordinating, regardless of what chiropractic adjustment technique is being used at the time.  As care proceeds, the flexibility of your nervous system makes it possible for you to gracefully move through a wider range of options, which translates into greater stress-resilience in daily life.  To support this development, the Network Care chiropractor, always gently leading, will be using a wider variety of non-jarring techniques.  See video — the 1st video from Life Power Wellness at the top of that page, for a few, though by no means all, of the various techniques employed.

Just in case you’re interested, the terminology used amongst chiropractors for that high-velocity, audible-clunk adjustment is “structural adjustment”.  The bones don’t really get cracked.  The audible clunk you hear is believed to be associated with pressure changes in the synovial fluid of the joint capsule.  As a result, gas escapes forming the imploding bubbles that make the sound.



How many visits will this take?


This depends not only on current spinal and neural condition but also on what quality of life you are coming here for.  Just physically and emotionally pain free under limited circumstances?  Or maybe something much more than that?  How far you want to go will always be up to you.  You will not be pressured in any subtle or not so subtle way to continue your care beyond your own motivation.  As long as you like the direction you’re going, you’ll probably want to continue.  At any time, recommendations regarding level of participation can be given to match range of benefits expected.

If there is a break in care, for however long, your spine will remember it’s more flexible strategies, so you will not have to start your care all over again.  Everything you gain will be through kinesthetic learning, like learning to ride a bike, which means your body won’t forget what it’s learned.  It’s yours for the rest of your life. 

There is no limit to how far you can develop your ability to successfully move through physical and emotional challenges, from past stress and trauma or future challenges.  The spine, with the central nervous system being the brain and spinal cord, is the center for this unlimited potential.  Your NSA chiropractic care, even with its many goals along the way, never really comes to a finish line.