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Health Care: It’s not what it used to be.
By Dr. Richard Kaye

(This article was published in the May 2001 edition of Vision magazine)

For the first time in history, an entirely new approach to health and well being is emerging: true wellness care. We are participating in the birth and growth of an entirely new discipline. For centuries, the ultimate model of health has been categorized as an absence of symptoms. If you didn’t hurt, didn’t have an ulcer, high blood pressure, or a headache, you were considered healthy.

Then the field of “alternative” and “complimentary” medicine entered the arena, and laid claim to more natural ways to rid you of your aches and pains. Still, the model, the zero-point, was considered no pain.

Think of it this way, we are willing to pay professional trainers to get us in better shape. This is an accepted principle because culturally we understand the physical-you can’t be too fit. But what about our health? How many of us are not only satisfied with this zero- point, or an absence of pain, but because of that we declare we are in excellent health. Okay you don’t have pain, but are you really at your maximum potential?

Now, for the first time, there is genuine groundbreaking clinical research demonstrating that the zero-point of not having symptoms does not necessarily mean excellent health. Rather, it is merely a starting point. Like a crack in the cosmic egg, new research is demonstrating that an entirely new level of human potential is predictable, available, and attainable, over time, through regular and consistent Network Spinal Analysis care.

Co-dependency upon a medical system that negates the body’s own natural wisdom to heal, let alone flourish, may one day seem as outmoded as bloodletting does today. It’s as if the full beauty of human potential is breaking out of its limitation and becoming a glorious butterfly.

Network Spinal Analysis, also known as NSA, is an approach to wellness that incorporates low force touch, applied at Spinal Gateways, to assist the body in developing new strategies for living, healing, and optimizing individual potential. Under care, two spinal “healing” waves develop that help improve a person’s spinal and neural integrity and adaptability. Much like tuning the strings of a guitar, practitioners uniquely modulate these waves through specific gentle touches. Over time this practice significantly advances a person’s wellness and quality of life.

NSA Care is advanced through a series of Levels, each producing, in the mind and body, specific new capabilities that include making healthier choices naturally, enjoying life more, and developing a healthier spine and nervous system. There is also a revolutionary outcome assessment approach that combines self-reported wellness profiles, with practitioner clinical assessment. This helps track and monitor the changes in the individual over time.

What a short time ago was perceived as a rogue sidebar to the chiropractic profession, NSA is now being validated as soon to be mainstream wellness care. Research performed through the University of California, Medical School at Irvine, proved that people under the care of Network Spinal Analysis practitioners, unequivocally, experience an improved quality of life. In addition, some of the top chaos mathematicians in the world now believe that these waves that run through those under NSA care, are the fundamental waves of all living things.

What is even more remarkable is that this new practice of optimizing human potential through the modulation of each individual’s vibratory frequency could well be the instrument that triggers the vibratory shift of the consciousness of the planet to a higher level. Like the 100th monkey phenomena, it is hypothesized that once a certain number of people on the planet are under consistent NSA care, a shift could in fact occur. Think of it as transforming a high school orchestra into the New York Philharmonic. That is the change in the nervous systems seen in those under consistent care. Which orchestra would you want to pay money to hear? With NSA practitioners around the world, and tens of thousand of people experiencing the benefits of NSA, the time could be closer than we realize.

I have been in the chiropractic profession for 27 years. A little over a decade ago, I chose to practice NSA because the shift in consciousness is more profound than bringing one to zero-point. Those of us who know Dr. Donald Epstein, the creator of NSA, and especially those of us who practice NSA, feel blessed to participate in the shift of health, healing, and consciousness.

We are no longer the fringe; we are neither alternative nor complimentary. We are the mainstream for people who truly desire to move well beyond the zero-point. One of our objectives is to facilitate an integration of an awakened heart and an enlightened mind, through the removal of the armoring around the nervous system.

This is the time to start making healthy decisions about your life. Decide to improve your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional health and well being. Decide to participate in healthy, life enhancing practices. Decide to participate in processes that expand human potential. Decide to exceed your potential.

Dr. Richard Kaye, is a Network Practitioner in San Diego and was featured on a PBS series segment exploring Network Spinal Analysis. Visit www.quantumhealing.com . For more information on Dr. Kaye.

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