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Network Spinal Analysis Can Help Relieve Stored Tension
By Dr. Marc Wind

Stress! Tension! Pain! High blood pressure! “Why do I have such tension in my neck?” “Why do I always get these intense headaches?” “Why are my shoulders in such knots?” “My blood pressure is so high, I’ve got to take it easy for a while.”

What do these real-life business situations have to do with reduced employee productivity, reduced creativity, poorer relationships among co-workers and increased employee problems?

The most valuable commodities in your business are your employees, and the most important quality of an employee is their health. It is critical to recognize that the physical and emotional tension and stress that employees endure today have a significant effect on bottom line corporate profits.

Deadlines, competition, increased responsibilities, frustrations, traveling and excessive work-station use all contribute to problems such as headaches, neck pain, shoulder tightness, and high blood pressure. As their health deteriorates, employees become less tolerant to new problems, less open to new ideas, less able to control their temper and have poorer interrelationships between co-workers. This eventually leads to reduced progress and productivity. How did this phenomenon occur, and how can your business turn the tide?

Exercise? Meditation? Medication? There are so many choices available to you. How can you wade through it all and arrive at the solution that is correct for your business?

To understand how and why you store tension and stress, let’s look at a central system called the nervous system, which controls and coordinates all bodily activity. The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord and spinal nerves. Its function is to interpret and relay the millions of signals per second that keep you alive and healthy, acting like an “information highway.”

When you experience emotional, mental and physical stress, your spine and nervous system may store the stress and tension instead of releasing it. Another analogy is to think of our nervous system as a garden hose. Incoming stress and tension that cannot be released or adapted to creates “kinks” in that garden hose. These “kinks,” or blockages, prevent your nervous system from working at its optimum level. As a result, health is compromised.

As these tensions continue to stay stuck, or stored, you may experience this tension is different ways. You may feel tightness or knots in your muscles. You may feel an area of your spine to be stuck or jammed, blocking blood and nerve flow. This may cause the headache, stiff neck, tightness in your shoulders or high blood pressure that you experience throughout your busy day.

As more stress and tension is experienced, the nervous system finds it more difficult to effectively adapt. As a result, the body’s ability to function at its optimum level can be compromised. At some point the body may produce symptoms, such as headaches, neck pain or shoulder stiffness. Symptoms are a warning sign that indicates change is necessary.

Network Spinal Analysis is a rapidly growing system of spinal analysis within the chiropractic profession. Network chiropractic works with locating and releasing stored stress and tension. The foundation of the work is that there are two types of subluxations, or blockages, that occur in our spine. One is the structural subluxation, easily thought of as a pinched nerve.

This is the result of a physical stress from which the body could not recover. The second, which is called the facilitated subluxation, is an elongation or twisting of the spinal cord and nerves. This is associated with emotional or mental stress from which the body could not recover.

Network chiropractic uses sustained, gentle adjustments in a precise sequence that frees the nervous system of interference and restores your body’s ability to maintain natural health and balance. The goal of the work is to reduce or correct tension and interference in the nervous system and the spine, enhancing your self-corrective, self-healing mechanisms. As tension and stress is removed from the nervous system, the pattern that created the stress in the spinal cord begins to release.

Research recently conducted at the University of California-Irvine College of Medicine involving a retrospective study of more that 2,800 patients found that Network Chiropractic was associated with profound and consistent improvement in a variety of self-reported health and wellness issues, including improved spinal flexibility, reduced pain, less stress, more energy and fewer colds and flu. Additionally, 95 percent of the patients had their expectations met, and 99 percent wished to continue network care!

What are your strategies for improving the health of your employees? The health of your employees is your most valuable asset. There is a direct relationship between the health of your employees and their productivity.

Take the steps that will ensure the optimal health of your employees and you will find your business growing to new levels.

Marc Wind lived the stress and tension of corporate life for 13 years before becoming a Network Chiropractor. He is committed to making work places more productive and healthier. He is available for personal consultation and also performs on-site computerized health and stress evaluations. His office is at 1790 30th St., Suite 308, in Boulder. He can be reached at (303) 444-4498.

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