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ONCE UPON A TIME: A Modern Day Fairytale
By Dan Lemberger, D.C.

Once upon a time, there were three wise men. These three men were given the chore of safeguarding health from people who sought to interfere with it. They pondered: ‘Where to place a person’s health, so that it would be safe.’ All three of the wise men knew how important health was to each individual.

The first wise man spoke first; “I know the perfect place to hide health so that it will be safe. We shall place it on the tallest mountain so that no person will be able to find it. There, health shall be best placed.”

The second wise man thought on this for a moment, and then said: “I think the best place to place health is at the bottom of the deepest sea. No one will be able to mess with health there.”

The third and wisest of the three men took all of this in. He sat there for a few minutes and said, “You are both mistaken. One day someone will climb that high mountain and spoil health. That will not be a good place to put health. Moreover, one day, someone will invent a great machine that will reach the bottom of our deepest seas and oceans. I know the perfect place where people will be least likely to look for their health.”

The other two looked at the third. They asked, “Where?”

“Within each person shall health be placed. There, they are least likely to look.”

Although this is just a fairy tale, many people do not know their health comes from within them. Many think they can find health outside of them. But, if health came in a bottle, there would be a shortage of bottles in the world. There are many influences on health, but ultimately health’s expression must be from the inside of you.

Health is an interesting paradox. It is probably one of the most desired possessions in the world. Yet, it is also one of the least understood. If you were to ask anyone if they wanted to posses health, they would definitely answer “yes”. However, if you were to ask the same person to give you a definition of health or tell you what it means to be healthy, they would probably say they had never put any thought to the subject before. Eventually, you would get an answer something like, “health means that you feel good”.

This is the concept of health to most people – feeling good. Yet, there are many people who feel very good right now, who are very sick. Some of them will die in the very near future . . . perhaps quite suddenly . . . and we will all be shocked because poor old Bill was “feeling so good” just yesterday. There must be more to being healthy than just feeling good.

Actually, if you were to look up the word health in the dictionary, you would find it is defined as, “wholeness; a condition in which all the parts are functioning properly”. Dorland’s dictionary gives the most interesting definition of all; “Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. This means there is much more to being health than simply feeling good. Although how you feel is a part of your health, it is only a part of the full picture.

With less tension on your spine and nerve system, you are better able to express your true inner state of being-health and wellness. When you are whole, you are healthy; your wholeness can only come from one place – within you.
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