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Human Being Owners Manual

Devi Adea Interviews Dr. Steve Gardner

Accessing Our Inner Resources

How to access an invincible energy and intelligence anywhere, anytime, for making your ability to heal and develop more effective and efficient.

Not exactly a description of Network Care and SRI, but what Dr. Steve has found to be helpful.


Cultivate your attention to be drawn to what is working – running on its own energy and intelligence from within – by reducing all your moments of gaining wisdom to what you find to be the most fundamental principles.  Hopefully no more than three principles, 3 that can be expressed as one even better.  The idea is to keep it simple, so that, in time, you gain an expanding mastery of what you’re naturally connected to and resonating with. More explanation on the following pages:

Witnessing the force

Resources for tracking the force

Potent beliefs

My way of seeing the big picture, though not the only way