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Practices for being with the force

Friends Since Birth Appreciation Practice

See if you can peacefully observe any one of the following running on its own energy and intelligence:

* Physical body
* Moods & feelings
* Thoughts – in particular, the nature of your thoughts
* Breathing

If at any time you notice any adversarial relationship – which would be any relationship in which you don’t feel entirely trusting of being able to manage your own affairs just by being in your own nature – relationships with yourself, your body, your life, or the world in which you live in, anything you’re not at peace with. You can first pat yourself on the back for putting it on the table for processing, rather than letting it continue to “eat away at you”. Whenever any adversarial relationship is noticed, time to let this process through what there is to do in Stage One.

Whenever observing the above resources, favor “soft” awareness. That is, just a faint idea of the concept about the resource you’re observing, appreciating that it’s functioning without you having to make it function. This will allow for more integration as you merge with the energy of what you’re observing.

Note: Start this practice during your quiet moments, when there’s not much distracting you. Later on, when you start practicing this in activity, you can include the more transient resources. In particular, the vision resource – a vision of what your next course of action is to be – will be vital for practicing during activity.

Beliefs On Trial Practice

Be alert to any beliefs you have that hold you back, creating adversarial relationships with yourself, anyone, or anything in the outside world – protective relationships that are not necessary for ensuring your immediate survival. Not only broad-scope beliefs but beliefs about the next action you’re contemplating as well, whether that’s getting out of bed or catching a ball. As soon as you notice a limiting belief, explore any underlying assumptions. No matter how crazy, everything, even if it seems ridiculous to question, should now be on the table. Let yourself play with this. You can use imagined characters having a critical debate, with the stakes to the outcome being very high, such as in a courtroom, boardroom meeting, etc. Underlying assumptions can be very covert without a curiosity for uncovering.

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