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Nature of Healing

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“Super-human” abilities don’t just happen all at once. Enjoy the nurturing of the little steps along the way. What seemed “super-human” may then one day become the new normal.

Further evidence that we are more capable of shaping our bodies and our lives than what we give ourselves credit for. I personally believe that the placebo response is something we are biologically wired for. Yet, like language, is there to be developed as a skill.


Who are You Giving Yourself the Power to Be?



  • Twelve Stages of Healing – See your life as a journey, and get to know the signposts.
  • Healing Myths, Healing Magic – Release yourself from the assumptions never questioned.
  • Boomerang Principle – Your Boomerang will bring you more prosperity, strength, acceptance, health, wisdom, joy, and sexuality than your conscious mind can conceive. But not more than your body mind calls for . . . and not one bit less.