Easy Spine

Safely exploring our unconscious.

Who’s in Control Here Anyway?

We all have aspects of ourselves that are disempowered, wounded, victimized.  Often these aspects are unconscious to us.  They are so ingrained in our way of being that we don’t even see them, and unconsciously give our power away to them.  To reclaim our power, we must have a self-reliant, secure way to tap into our unconscious, trusting how we relate to ourselves so we can access the energy and wisdom contained in the wounded aspects of our being.  There is a safe way to explore and discover, revealing those parts so they no longer control us.

Otherwise, we live as if in fear, spending most of our lives avoiding whatever it may be.  It may seem like we don’t have the tools to access that which we are unaware of in our being.  Yet, thru Network Care, I teach people just that, giving them the tools to access their spine, which is very much like the back of our minds.  The store house of our unconscious.

When we start to experience aches, pains, tensions, illness and disease, we are in effect receiving messages from our unconscious that we need to take a look at.  These messages provide an interactive, moment-to-moment report on how we’re participating in our lives.

Messages that are not just mere annoyances to be eliminated.  Through conditioning we have become masters of drugging, removing, ignoring or avoiding those very things that are pivotal to our growth, evolution and ultimate power to be who we want to be.  Instead we make justifications for how we are and that this is just how it is, can never be changed, and we settle for less than our magnificence.  This is the core of victimization and powerlessness which, over the years, has become the norm in our society when it comes to healing.

Sometimes the messages can be uncomfortable.  Yet, through Network Care, we can gently and peacefully move through the discomfort, which is much more rewarding than avoidance strategies which actually prolong the suffering. If we remain instead in our comfort zone than we never grow.  At best, we stay in our ‘status quo.’

Our technology disconnects us from the gifts we were born with, numbing ourselves from the wonders of life.  In effect, we’ve created a value for comfort above growth, evolution and love.  There are thousands of tools and drugs to make us feel more comfortable.  What we need is a safe way to move through our pains and discomfort rather than being trapped by our condition.  Inside our feelings is a reservoir of energy to create ourselves as we want to be.  All change requires energy.  Emotion is literally energy in motion.

Therein lies the energy to harness, for who we’re meant to be and want to be.

Original version and source of this article, written by one of my colleagues, I can no longer find.