Easy Spine

Pillows & Mattresses

Many of you have asked me about pillows and mattresses. As I often say, freedom of movement, position, and posture help’s you to adjust to the feel of your body’s constantly changing needs.  Which is not a problem in bed, just as long as the structure of what you’re sleeping on supports the position that works for you.

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all recommendation. Yes, as you may have noticed, there are many choices to sort thru in finding what works for you. Aside from the shopping around, what can be most helpful is a flexible, adaptable spine that makes it easy to recover from a sleeping position that was kept in place for too long.

I have, however, found these 3 webpages very helpful:


Just scroll down to the lower half of the page, past their top picks for the different categories of pillows. There, you’ll see a breakdown of all the ins and outs for the respective sleep position being discussed.

While I can’t vouch for every word they write, at least it gets all the considerations on the table for you to make an informed choice.


Ditto for mattresses: sleepopolis.com/blog/firm-vs-soft-mattresses-pros-cons/