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Example of Working Belief System

What is our life all about?   How do we captivate ourselves for most effective evolution?  There are many ways to look at it.  Here is but one perspective, expressed according to my belief system, though certainly not the only one that can work.  This is only to serve as one example for developing what works for you.  The second half of this page contains the seed idea of putting the “Human Being Owners Manual” into practice.

The Guiding Spark for Upholding our Purpose in Life

As is the micro, so is the macro.

As is the nature of love within every being, so it is as if it’s the force within everything – from simple to complex, be it of spirit, mind or materialized.

Love comforts, yet grows restless if not compassionately bonding with what’s yet to be included within one’s brotherhood.  Three properties of love:
(1) Comforting safety,
(2) Compassion – supporting focused action to…
(3) Bond with something new.

Even the slightest compassion towards an enemy can be the most powerful weapon for disarming it, whether it be our internal pains and strife, or the evil actions of others.  Love creatively expands within all of us.  Evil challenges us to more thoroughly draw upon our resources at hand, stirring us to recreate anew.  Taking a detour, as it were, for a more encompassing union of greater depth.

Any desire for which we seek, we’ll never be able to keep, as eternal guardian of its fruit;  All we have at the end of the day, is a love to be growing for whatever comes our way.
At home, anywhere we go, anyway it goes.

The body embodies, giving density to being human.  Every cell, every fiber of our being is its own world.

As it is within, so it is without.

To everything our experience focuses on, there’s the inner mimicking the outer, expressing the same properties of love, most readily observed in the natural world.  Everything from galaxies, super-cluster of galaxies, to cells within the body, atoms, sub-atomic, and so on — acting as its own world, with its own inner and outer.  Infinitely recursive, and forever elusive, generated by and generating towards a source beyond knowing.  The mystery of which ultimately binds us to the Source.

This mimicking between inner and outer allows two of anything to be in rapport, so that two can also function as one.  Likewise, with the relationships we find between ideas.  Especially any merging of any of the principles enumerated here.  It’s this merging of principles that allows for more comprehensive understandings, yielding a simple reference for the mind to facilitate the coordination of our unfolding capabilities.

Every one of our actions – big or small – has to follow a vision compelled by some belief. Beliefs constrained by our experiences.

Yet, with underlying assumptions, often tucked away in the back of our minds, put on the table for our questioning, the mysterious gives us leeway in what we can believe, still within the constraints of what we’ve been witness to.  Guiding us towards Nature’s universal principles, shown by its every example, for faithfully inspiring the life purpose we cherish.

Everything ready to reveal itself through simple observation.
All of which may be freely shared over the test of time.

Thoughts and feelings spring forth as though our ego authored them, yet not having witnessed their genesis.

Nonetheless, we may gently steer our attention towards what we seek to cultivate, grace and appreciate.

It’s in the smaller steps we attend to, all the while keeping it simple with a scrutiny for honesty, that we may tend to nurturing our nature.  Constantly befriended by inklings that stream our way, as all, in how it relates to our path, conveys a message relaying energy and wisdom that we may draw upon, for parenting us beyond age.

With comforting heart, between the unconstrained focal points of a wandering mind at ease, rapport inevitably spreads and heals, creating family amongst all beings.

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