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Hacks for adjusting your car headrest position

As Gokhalemethod, an excellent outside source I recommend reading, points out, “The standard that determines the extent to which the head restraint juts forward is the Crash Test Dummy. The Crash Test Dummy was modeled on a person with typical Forward Head Posture, and therein lies the rub.”

Crash car test dummy with typical head forward posture
Head restraint causing head forward posture
Woman with head forward posture

I haven’t personally used Gokhalemethod’s stretchsit cushion, but it looks like it could be helpful.

There is a more aggressive and radical approach, shown in this video.  It might be the best solution for some people, but well,… maybe not for everyone:

If you’re stuck with a poorly designed car seat, perhaps the solution for most people will be found by doing a Google search for

car back support for headrest problem.

At least you’ll then be able to find something that allows you to rest forward of your misaligned headrest while still giving you the best support for your back.

Another example of car seat back support. This one sold by Feagar at Amazon.

Example of car seat back support made by Feagar. No business relationship with Easy Spine.

If you’re about to get a new car, some manufacturers make their headrests so they can be adjusted forward or back, as well as up and down.

Before concluding that the tilt of your headrest cannot be adjusted, it’s worth checking with your dealer.  All too often the option is there but obscure and unknown to its owner.

Of course, height is also important. If you’re too short, the solution is easy – finding the right auxiliary cushion to sit on.  If you’re too tall, sad to say, best option might be to trade in your car.  But for your posture, sanity, and comfort, at least keep the following checklist in mind when shopping around for a new one:

  • Fully adjustable headrest
  • Headroom
  • Legroom
  • Height-adjustable seats
  • Tilt and telescoping steering wheel

Consumer Reports lists the best and worst cars for tall and short drivers

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