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“These improvements include more confidence, a greater ability to adapt to different challenges and stressful situations, and a calmness and peace of mind that I have lacked my entire life.”

William Ham Avatar
Since beginning Network Spinal Analysis with Dr. Steve I have noticed many improvements to my overall health that numerous other modalities have failed to achieve. These improvements include more confidence, a greater ability to adapt to different challenges and stressful situations, and a calmness and peace of mind that I have lacked my entire life. It took a few visits to get used to this type of chiropractic care, but after seeing numerous benefits I’m excited to continue treatment and see what other positive results it can bring. I would definitely recommend Easy Spine and Network Spinal Analysis to anyone who is interested in improving their health and sense of well-being.
William Ham 5/03/2018
Jesse Jewell Avatar
I was referred me to network chiropractic for my anxiety. When I found Dr. Steve, I felt his genuine care for my health and well-being. My initial visit, he examined my back, posture, daily emotions, and an adjustment. After the initial examination, I felt more present in the world, and my anxiety was a lot less. During my second visit, I felt the need to have proper posture, and by the third visit, I was standing tall and a lot more present in the world. My anxiety is still there, but it isn’t taking control as it did in the past.

Thank you Dr. Steve, for everything and I always look forward to seeing you every week.
Jesse Jewell 11/28/2015
Adura Abimbola Avatar
Hello, You are probably reading this because you are a local resident looking for help with back and spine related issues, which is very understandable. The first thing to understand about the Spine Center with Dr. Steve Gardener is that the work he does is on a very personal basis. He works with your spine and coordinates your care based on how you feel on emotionally, mentally and of course physically. From this every session is about expanding your comfort zone in and out his care. Network care is a rejuvenating experience, me personally I feel brave about facing the challenges that daily life brings even without support from immediate relatives. I have also experienced better sleep, I feel more comfortable in my own skin and I am more positive about the direction I am headed. Physically I have experienced a greater feeling of peace, reduced back pain and even better bowl movements for those who have to use supplements. This is not in the part of new aged “fix it quick” theories or designs, neither is a secret group or religious/cult based work. Rather, care is about working with a professional that is tuning into what your body has trying to send out and slowly but surely guiding your system out of the bad patterns it is current stuck in. So my advice is go in and talk with Dr.Steve Gardener. Really take a look into his and see the kindness and love that is really with this man, then try a session. When you go back to your surroundings you will see how those who you know you best are surprised by your new found sense of calm and of course purpose.
Adura Abimbola 3/01/2018
Daniel K Avatar
Steve is excellent. I came in for Network Spinal Analysis and it continues to open up and calm my body, and by proxy my mind. Dr. Gardner is really friendly and personable. Hyper vigilance and instilled traumas over-dictated my body and many things in my life suffered because of that. This work has been a ticket out. There’s more to be done but a friend told me last week she was glad that I’m ‘back’ and more like myself.
Daniel K 11/30/2017

More relevant reviews about anxiety can be found on Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

Depending on how it’s used, some form of anxiety can be useful at times, perhaps even necessary in preparing for a difficult event, such as a public performance, pending loss of job, etc.

I understand that if you’re reading this though, it may be for more of a concern about persistent anxiety that’s holding you back in life, for which there seems to be no purpose. Perhaps you’re even experiencing panic attacks, in which the symptoms can be anything from racing heart, breathing difficulties, or chest pains, to a sense of terror, trembling, feeling sweaty, chills or heat sensations, or numbing and tingling. Regardless, with or without panic attacks you may at times feel like things are way out of control.

Note: Depression, also treatable independently of drugs, is nonetheless distinctly different.

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Lifehacker: How I overcame anxiety upgrading nervous system.

Under NSA Care, although not to be taken to be an immediate, permanent cure, it’s nonetheless expected that the change from anxiety to a calm, tranquil peace, will be experienced very early on in care. Usually on the first visit. It’s just that at this point in the course of treatment, no one’s expected to suddenly become fearless, cool, calm and collected through any and all situations.

The very first thing that has to happen as soon as you start care is a suspension of what may be referred to as defensive physiology. This will feel like relaxing through even the slightest sense of struggling in your life – having to push against your own nature, particularly when you’re so used to it you weren’t even aware of being on overdrive. Without that complete sense of peace and calm, however fleeting or temporary it may be in the initial stages, healing any health concern is all but impossible.

The method we use here can be understood to be a direct means of finding compatibility between your experience and what you’re biologically wired for – physically and emotionally. The Network Care sessions open up the nerve pathways that coordinate a greater synergy throughout the spinal column. All of the available evidence indicates that that’s what elicits the expansive, peaceful quality to whatever is being experienced in any given moment.

This is all done through a gentle, hands-on interaction coinciding with your body’s rhythms at very specific times and locations along the spine. Time-specific points, known as spinal gateways, that are ready made for unleashing their stored energy.

The immediate response in the area surrounding the spinal gateways appears to be a marked increase in coherence between the cells. A contagious harmony, as it were, that resonates – actually synchronizes it’s movement and behavior – with other areas of the spine, presumably with the support of the central nervous system, in which the brain is continuous with the spinal cord. This vital link between mind and body mediates your emotional responses.

No matter what your unique challenge may be in life at the moment, the NSA technique gives the chiropractor instant feedback and guidance – for steering your physiology safely towards peace and avoiding defensive physiology, ensuring that we stay on track throughout every incremental step in the treatment. Indeed, NSA Chiropractic’s hands-on guidance is there to make certain that specific, clinically visible signposts in the course of care are reached without struggle. That, in turn, without fail, results in you feeling easier with the more demanding challenges of life.

In the very beginning, this relaxation may only happen when there’s a reduction of tension in the muscles, joints and nerves. Later on, a profound sense of calm pervades the more dynamic activity as well. As the clinical progress continues, the tranquil state can actually become an overriding quality, even amidst the times that are typically characterized as the most extremely disturbing, fearful events of one’s life. As paradoxical as that may sound, it won’t once you actually experience tranquility simultaneously with the full range of  all such emotions, however intense it may be.

At that point in care, and I would venture to say well before then, I honestly don’t see how there could possibly be anything more powerful and holistic in treating anxiety than Network Spinal Analysis Care.

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