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Will this help me to no longer need medication for my depression and anxiety, with the approval of my medical doctor?

Yes. Very much so as the tension on the spinal cord – the central nervous system – becomes more flexible, allowing the defensive physiology to dissipate through Network Care.

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If there’s one common theme I hear when I’m told, “Doc, I’ve been depressed lately”, it’s the underlying message,

“I don’t know where my life is going. All I can tell you is that I’m engulfed in a dark, gloomy emptiness.”

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In expressing our feelings, our language does not make it easy for reaching out. Depression may refer to a lowness of spirits. Or we may use this word in expressing a prolonged state of sadness over one’s affairs. Sometimes there can be a difference between the two moods, of which either or both may need to be addressed.

In doing so, Network Care doctors are very keen to observe the subtleties of how the spine moves in concert with respiration. We find that once any internal conflicts have been at least momentarily laid to rest, all 31 segments of the spinal column will gently move synchronously with the breath, as if the individual spinal segments themselves are being breathed.  No matter what the activity may be, it’s this quality of posturing, or lack thereof, that’s one of the most revealing cues of body language – a true indicator of the nature of what’s being experienced inside.

To be sure, the flow of respiration movements throughout one’s spine may be too subtle to be noticeably felt. Until under Network Care, when the range of this motion acquires a certain depth, deep enough to be felt as though the spine, even the entire torso, was being massaged. As this occurs, the totality of one’s experience at that time is also felt with more depth. Feelings are no longer as static, as they readily morph into a stream of feelings, ever-new and changing.

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That’s when a prolonged state of sadness, such as grief over the death of a loved one, loss of a job, or any loss, rather than being kept in check, can then be felt in all its sadness. A welcomed change, believe it or not, since it’s the repressed emotions that will lead to suffering, not the emotions themselves. Uninhibited wailing, for example, will often bring relief.

This is not to be construed as a way of getting the feelings to “hurry up so we can get over it.” No, that’s not the attitude we advocate. Rather, to have our feelings felt more profoundly. This will be a much healthier state of affairs, as it will foster an easier-going spirit for handling changes in one’s life, and a liveliness in following one’s interests.

What about the lowness of spirits then?

When at its worse, we find there’s little or no energy or motivation to do much of anything. All feelings submerged under a stream of thoughts. This is what happens when the who-we-are inside somehow does not ‘fit in’. No sense of belonging, or being of service, or appreciated. The path towards becoming a vital link in a community or endeavor, that we can feel good about playing a part in, will have to be found. Or, as it may seem, stumbled upon.

Relying on blind luck for stumbling upon, however, usually doesn’t turn out too well.

bluebird of happiness cartoonlosing lottery cartoonWe are far more likely to be met with good fate when we are ready, when our feelings resonate with something bigger than what’s confined within the walls of the dejected self. However real and solid those walls may seem.

The good news is that nothing inside has to be avoided, which would only create a more adversarial relationship with oneself. Better to observe the discordant thoughts, feelings, and perceptions than to fight them. Let them come to the surface, as they will tend to do so anyway. It will be easier once we discover new options for how we can direct our attention. These options, beyond a controlled manner of thinking, are supported by a more comprehensive awareness that becomes accessible through Network Care, as the defensive physiology gives way to a more flexible means of adaptation.

As for the thoughts and feelings that seem to run around in circles; That which incessantly breeds the familiar can actually be quite unfamiliar. We find there’s never a lack of what can safely be explored within, as its physical anchor will be in the spine. Every time we feel these new discoveries, the walls of the dejected self will start to crumble.

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Network Care makes this journey quite easy and enjoyable, as the discordance within the spine transforms into a resonance of what had been all but forgotten. An uplifted spirit gains a physical foothold, projecting a lively presence, attracting the opportunities that we have come to be ready for.

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