Easy Spine


Network Spinal is arguably the most effective method for resolving pain.  Any type of pain, from injury or stress – headache, burning pain, soreness, emotional pain, any tense feeling ,….  No matter if it’s low back pain, pain in the neck, or a shoulder or hip that hurts, or something radiating down the arms or legs, etc.

Yet as strange as it may sound, we find the best way to get rid of pain is to well,… not be trying to get rid of anything.  What we do, through our touch, is to introduce something else inside your body that’s easier to feel and move through.  Sometimes this happens while moving through the pain, inasmuch as it can feel safe to do so as the healing unfolds.

Hello, my name is Dr. Steve Gardner.  I’ve been healing hundreds if not thousands of people using the techniques of Network Spinal since 1996.  I love doing what I do with my hands as it comes easily to me in helping people to feel better.  Once you’re in my office, you don’t really have to understand anything I write here for me to help you.  I wrote this page for helping people to heal themselves more on their own.  I even teach the Somato-Respiratory Integration exercises in guiding you with what you can do with your hands that can be similar to what I do with my hands.  Admittedly, I don’t know how much good the information here will do without the Somato-Respiratory Integration instruction in my office, but it certainly can’t hurt.

Understandably, when we’re suffering from any kind of soreness, or discomfort, excruciating or otherwise, we tend to stiffen up as we brace against it.  The paradox of healing mentioned above – best way to get rid of pain is to not try to get rid of it — can be applied to most anything in life.  Ever try to convince someone of your opinion by arguing?  Or break a bad habit by scolding yourself every time you caved in?

I know, the pain can be so bad that you feel like it’s killing you and you can’t help but want to get rid of it.  Nothing wrong with that.  It’s only human.  Unfortunately though, you’ll just be locking in the tension in the muscles, nerves, and joints as you go to war with yourself.  The energy of that tension must be released and set free.

Whatever you put your attention on only gets stronger.  So here’s the key.  We have to introduce something that’s related to the pain but at the same time draws you in rather than repels you.  That’s what I do with my touch if you’re in pain when you’re in my office.

But what can you do to help the process or when you’re on your own?  We’re all curious by nature.  Yes they say curiosity kills the cat, but when you’re in this much pain, you probably already feel like it’s killing you.

One possibility; Even just to entertain the idea that maybe the pain is there to guide you into the next phase of your life for something bigger and better can sometimes be very helpful.  It can be one of several things you can do in terms of preparing yourself mentally.  Anything that helps you to have compassion for what you’re feeling is going to be essential.  Even just to ask the pain what it’s trying to tell you, taking the viewpoint that the pain is after all, on your side – everything serving a purpose.  But no worries if those suggestions sound goofy.  Main thing is to calm the situation down so it’s not like a war-zone inside.

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