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9 Important Factors


My posture is really bad. Is there any hope?
What can I do to improve my posture, outside of Network Care?
Will NSA take care of my scoliosis?

Why do I have bad posture?
How does my posture look?    Includes video on what to look for.thumbnail-frame-02-07-21-thumbnail

The 9 Important Factors

Normal Changes

Is it my spine or some alien creature back there?   Take Charge

Steering Clear of Common Pitfalls

All of the suggestions in the above links are very easy to practice, with or without the training and coaching of a Network Spinal Analysis chiropractor. When NSA care is available, the training is imparted by giving you a feel for what it’s like when you’re attracted towards stretching your posture beyond its stressful, rigid frame.  The NSA coaching is there to let you know you’re moving in the right direction, even when it’s not exactly what you’ve grown so accustomed to.  Everyone who wants to improve their posture, can.  NSA, nonetheless, is instrumental for more capably interacting with physical or stressful challenges.  Even bouncing back from some of the most anguishing events.

The upright, healthy and attractive posture, instead of being an arduous, awkward achievement can easily be an integrative outgrowth of a strengthening liveliness and self-confidence.  Therapeutic attempts to restore your posture to how it was before energy-draining habits kicked in may give you some sense of accomplishment. Yet, far more rewarding and enjoyable in its development, with a little tender loving care, is to support the postural freedom, the expansiveness that your spine is designed for, no matter how bad your posture is to begin with, as it becomes the backbone of your most far-reaching aspirations.

Scoliosis and how it’s addressed under Network Care

Personal Relationship Coach Corey Wayne video:
How Network Care changes your posture, relationships, and how you feel in life

Getting started in Network Care, which includes Somato Respiratory Integration instruction, in the greater Washington DC area including Maryland, Northern Virginia and West Virginia.

Posture and body language – an inspirational, entertaining TED Talk video

How Network Care addresses how we relate to other people

How Network care addresses respiration

A more complete list of what Network Care addresses

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