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My posture is really bad.  Is there any hope?

I’ve never seen a case in which posture was not able to improve.

There is, however, a requirement of being willing to make the necessary changes. When suffering from poor posture, there may be a particular position that’s felt to be most comfortable.  Unfortunately, however comfortable that posture might be, any lack of flexibility may eventually become a cause for more painful problems down the road.  Especially if it’s deterring you from being as adaptable as you need to be in handling your affairs in life.  The key is incremental change – increments gradual enough to expand what feels safe and peaceful.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, something is motivating you to correct a troubling condition.  A willingness to explore a change in how we posture ourselves is all we need, as we take it one step at a time, keeping within one’s sense of safety – steering clear of the defensive reactions that keep us attached to what’s kept everything in place.

Sometimes the front-to-back curves can improve 25 degrees or more, soon after starting care. This can happen even in the most extreme postural distortions in which one is practically facing the floor when trying to stand or walk, using a cane for balance.  When seeing people in such condition, I can only imagine that the person feels trapped inside, not knowing that there’s a way out.  It must feel as if the world has caved in on oneself, emotionally as well as structurally.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are times when people will tell me about different areas of their life – physically or emotionally, making big breakthroughs – no longer over-reacting, no longer scared of such and such, walking without a limp, etc. Yet their posture improvements during such time may be so small that it’s difficult to discern.

So what’s really going on here?

The spine is meant to change its posture, adapting to one’s positioning needs and feelings of the moment. The scope of such adaptation responses is what consistently improves with each session of chiropractic-originated Network Care – NSA.  The posture we gravitate towards most readily in any given situation will be the accumulative effect of how we’ve been posturing over time. The key to how impactful our posturing improvements can be hinges on the scope of what’s inside the spine that is starting to coordinate as a physical-emotional synergy. Sometimes even the smallest change can bring about a harmony that has far-reaching influences on one’s life.


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