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Scoliosis, as a longstanding postural distortion, can create permanence in functional deviations from optimum health.

There are quite a number of methods which may mechanically correct a scoliotic curvature. Invariably, they work with the structure of the spine, i.e., posture.

Regardless of the method, posture, nonetheless, will always be powerfully influenced by how we’re posturing over time. Posture is the position we take in the world – mentally, emotionally, and physically. The physical aspect of posture involves the behavior of the spine in relationship to what we feel or don’t feel in the back and neck during daily life. Whether it’s while working at a desk, carrying a shoulder bag, playing the violin, or behavior stemming from emotional stress, trauma, injury, etc., when the posture is habitual or unconscious, posture becomes inflexible. In such cases, the structure of the spine is more prone to becoming problematic.

Perspective of Network Spinal Analysis – Reorganizational Healing:

It may be observed that a change of structure, behavior, and perception is necessary for any successful endeavor in life to be of lasting value. For scoliosis, this would entail a change in:

* Behavior of the spine, – posturing, as it naturally expresses what we’re feeling as we move about – in activity, and oftentimes, even while asleep. As the NSA respiratory wave develops throughout Network Care, posturing becomes significantly more flexible, with greatly increased coordination and range of motion between all spinal segments. Most often, beyond what was initially conceived of during the earlier stages of care.

* Perception of what we can sense and feel throughout the spine and its many parts. That is, individual segmental joints and muscles that most people seem relatively unaware of until beginning NSA chiropractic care. This physical awareness grows steadily & consistently throughout care. Before Network Care, the physical awareness of the spine may be minimal until something hurts.

* Posture – the structure of the spine requires optimum flexibility to restore its optimum shape and condition. By contrast, a rigid posture requires static muscle tension and joint stiffness, which may possibly be the pre-conditions for degenerative discs, disc herniation, osteophytes, foraminal and spinal stenosis.

NSA chiropractic uniquely works with all three – spinal behavior, perception, and structural posture – all at the same time, at each moment of care, fully cognizant of the fact that there’s a real person in the body controlling the spine. This makes the results with regards to posture much more sustainable, complete and profound, supporting and being supported by the life that was meant to be.

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