Easy Spine

Potent Beliefs

Assumptions and Questions

Do your beliefs allow you to see everything in the world, the universe, serving a worthy purpose, encouraging you to embrace the world just as it is? So that even what appears as imperfections or tragedies can be seen as part of an all-encompassing perfection?

Can either view – the existence or non-existence of an all-encompassing perfection – be proven? If either viewpoint provable beyond a shadow of a doubt, could anyone find non-provable assumptions that you’re using in the proof?

An absolute proof would have to be completely independent of any assumptions, such as the assumption that observation can be completely independent of what we observe through our senses. Or that our senses give us an accurate picture of reality, which would be completely at odds with modern physics.

The point here is that, consciously or unconsciously, underlying assumptions form the foundation of everything we believe. What’s important is to choose the beliefs that work towards the life purpose we value, while still being beliefs that make sense. If the beliefs don’t make sense, doubts will creep in.

Beliefs that don’t hold you back must:

* Be within the possibility of what you can believe, not contradicting your experience in life.

* Be ready to foster rapport, helping you to steer clear of any ill-will towards anything that comes to your attention from both within and outside of yourself, especially during those moments when it’s most challenging to do so.

* Foster appreciation for anything that may come to your attention throughout life.

* Allow for all concepts and understandings to be understood as operating under a very simple core set of principles. Simple enough for the mind to reference under most any set of circumstances for accessing new wisdom.

* Support your personal growth.

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