Easy Spine


Specifically, resources that we can be in rapport with, running on its own energy and intelligence.

Resources wired into our biology, working on our behalf from the moment we’re born:

  1. Physical body
  2. Feelings

Can you stop yourself from having feelings?  A feeling does not have to be something that relates to a common emotion or even be denoted by a word.  Feeling empty, tired, warm, cold, weird, gloomy, excited, any mood…? Those are all feelings.  Most feelings do not have words.  Having a judgement about something, for example, will feel different than when you can sense that a solution is at hand while thinking?

Feelings, even when we try to hold on to a good feeling, change from moment to moment.

3) Mental thoughts

Can you stop yourself from having thoughts?

Can you control the origination or creation of your thoughts?

4) Respiration

5) Sense of touch

The above five resources are the special resources in that not only are they constantly with us, but directing our attention inward as well. Unless there is an adverse relationship with the body, due to pain, etc., they will typically be the easiest resources to put to use, especially in the beginning. Any adverse relationship needs to be addressed first, even if it’s painful. In which case, Stage One is vital.


Actually, anything, anything that can be called by a noun, that we’re in rapport with, is a resource at that moment of rapport, including:

6) Soul

7) Sensory awareness, touch or otherwise.

More transient resources:

8) Vision – as in what you see yourself doing next

9) Concepts and ideas

10) Imagination

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