Easy Spine

Reviews & Testimonials

“I used to get spasms in my lower and middle back. I have not had any more incidents of pain since coming to see Dr. Steve.”

Palchen Hoge, Poolesville, Maryland

“I had asthma since age three. After four months I was no longer using my inhaler.”  Tracy Molina, Washington, DC

“For years I have had pain in the upper part of the left side of my neck. When it occurs, the pain is very sharp, and my hands often became numb. I have had regular chiropractic adjustments before, and they only gave me temporary and partial relief. After the 2nd adjustment with Dr. Steve, I was taking a hot shower, letting the water relax my neck, when I turned my head and heard / felt a huge clunk! The next day, I had the exact same pain I usually get, but on the other side of my neck. After another day, that resolved, and my neck has not bothered me since.”  Dr. Tracey Mock, Bethesda, Maryland

I had chronic back pain between my shoulder blades, which was always aggravated by the position in which I slept. After four sessions of treatment, my sleeping position no longer pulled my back out.” Sandra Robinson, Bethesda, Maryland

Linda Fischer – Washington, DC – “I’ve noticed much less temptation to have chocolate and other sweets and it is much easier to say no when the temptation does arise.

June Mines – Washington, DC – “I really feel that coming to you has helped me with relaxing, not being so tired in the morning, also sleeping through the night.”