Easy Spine

Reviews & Testimonials

“- My intention was to get off Paxil which I had been taking since 2002 or 2003 — 20 mg. I tried to go off Paxil 6 months ago and had terrible side effects. I am now down to 10 mg every other day with no side effects.

– “I have been struggling with overeating ( 2 pints of ice cream at night!). Since starting Network care I have no desire to stuff myself. I stopped eating white flour and white sugar which certainly helps. I once again know the feeling of hunger and satisfaction. I feel in control of this.”

Gretchen Whitney (2 weeks after she started her care) Washington DC

“When I first saw Dr. Gardner in early 2000, I hadn’t been able to breathe through my nose ever since being a kid. Ten years later and after my first few visits, I’ve been breathing through my nose ever since.”

Christopher Dinwiddie, Washington, DC

“Since I’ve been coming, I feel more flexible, dramatically so.”

Susanne Stevenson, Hyattsville, Maryland

“The change in my body and my life are both profound and profoundly simple. I feel more embodied and substantial. I’ve been married — happily married. My business has expanded – and continues to. In fact, my life continues to expand in ease, pleasure, abundance, joy. Thank you!”

Pat McCallum, Rockville, Maryland

“My reason for going to Steve in the first place was the pain in my lower back. Usually it would come when I had my periods and nothing seemed to be able to relieve it. Trying heating pads and pain killers just left me unable to do anything for at least a day. One day, the pain was so excruciating, I was on my knees, just begging for an answer on what to do. After about 4 sessions with Dr. Steve, the pain was gone and has not returned so far after 3 months. I also forgot to mention the pain in my jaw because I squeeze my teeth at night, but that has been gone as well. I would recommend Dr. Steve’s work to anyone who is ready to let go of long time pain and to being a part of their own healing process.”

Bettina Charlton, Kensington, MD

“The Network approach is one of the most positive modalities I have ever received. I have found greater ease in my body and in letting go of stress. I feel happier, lighter, more relaxed, more connected, and willing to take more risks. I notice I’m more confident about speaking up in front of a group of people. My neck and upper back tension is gone, my knees are so much better, and there is less tension in my jaw.”La Sarmiento, Washington, DC

Heather McDonald – Washington, DC – “My back is better. It’s easier to stand straighter. I sleep better. Oh, and you know what. I don’t have PMS anymore. I do still have a little bit of cramps but nothing like it was before and only during my period. And I did have one period that was pain-free.”

“I have experienced better sleeping and my motion on the basketball court has been improved and I have more fluid motion.”

Gary Gartrell, Laurel, Maryland

“I feel like I’m in a new place, feeling very open and more trusting that everything is going to be ok. I don’t worry like I used to. My back is more flexible and more relaxed. The original pain I came in for is gone. I can sit and meditate without back support now. I have an overall sense of well-being and openness that I feel is directly related to care. Overall, I am enjoying taking better care of myself – food, exercise, posture, sleep.”  Peggy D., Ph.D., Washington, DC