Easy Spine

Reviews & Testimonials

“ I have a lot less pain, a lot less dysfynction in performing daily tasks. I’m more relaxed in my back , can sleep much better, I breathe better. I used to not be able to sleep late because it became too uncomfortable. My hip pain with sciatica is totally gone. I have more movement in neck. Thank you so much!

Laura Boyle, Silver Spring, Maryland

“The best thing about coming here is that it helps me to face things.”

Jean Demuzio, Gaithersburg, Maryland

“After not dancing for quite a few years (I’m 78) I danced for two hours at my son’s wedding. First with a few of the old folks then I gained steam and danced with hip hop set for the rest of the evening.

To Dr. G: I attribute this to the greater freedom of movement in my spine and the delight of that movement which kept me going.

This morning, after seeing Dr. Gardner only a few times, I found I could wash my feet in the shower without kneeling down. I had not been able to do this in years. I have also suffered from earaches for the past three years. No doctor could find anything wrong. I have had only minor pain and very infrequently since starting to see Dr. Gardner a few weeks ago.”

Later, Judith Nathan writes: “People are noticing the improvement in my walking. They say I appear more youthful. I was in New York City last week and walked all over for four hours without tiring! The length of my stride has also increased and my feet don’t “flop” so much when I walk. Thank you so much Dr. Gardner!

Judith Nathan, Waldorf, MD

“I am able to express myself more freely – not holding back what’s in my mind, especially if it’s unpleasant – not in a negative way, but in a positive manner.” Shanti Subramanian, Bethesda, Maryland

“This past month I’ve had a lot of breakthroughs. And it’s helped me to see the potential that’s there for my life. I didn’t know how much I was limiting myself. This is the place I come to free my mind.”  Erin

“Wow! I have so much energy now. I feel like my body is super light and it takes almost no effort to move! I don’t remember feeling like this except when I was a child!

I don’t know if I told you this but I had been having a very sick feeling headache for 2 months before I met you at your open house. You gave me a very brief introduction that night and I realized when I got home that my headache was gone and it hasn’t come back since.

After my last Treatment I regained my sense of smell! I haven’t smelled much of anything for the last 15-20 years! I can’t tell you how nice it is to smell all the amazing smells of spring!

Thank you!” Jennifer Rawlings, Rockville, Maryland