Easy Spine

Reviews & Testimonials

“I’m just happier when I see Dr. Steve regularly. I work in customer service and when people are cranky it just rolls off my back. I have stopped letting people get to me. I am no longer depressed and have more energy. When I leave Dr. Steve’s office I can’t stop smiling.”

Clara Timme, Rockville, Maryland

“Over the last year that I’ve been under Dr. Steve’s care, I’ve noticed my ability to run without feeling the shin splints I had before.”

Kurt L., Fort Meade, Maryland

“After two and a half months of being under Dr. Gardner’s care, I’m having much less pain. I’m also having more energy now that I’m breathing better and sleeping through the night. And I’m off all allergy medications.”

Patti Schwartz, Kensington, Maryland

“I’m noticing I stop eating sooner. I’ve lost five pounds in five days. My spine feels more flexible. Pain has diminished enough to drop the medication. I’m feeling energy in places I never felt before. I’ve also noticed an added richness to life, such as sunsets striking me more often, and being willing to stop and take them in. Simple things seem beautiful. Within two months of beginning treatment, my sleep apnea cleared up. For the first time in years, I can sleep on my back, and I no longer have to wear nasal strips at night.”

Sarah Kristensen, Washington, DC

“My voice teacher who hadn’t seen me for eight months, since I started coming to Dr. Gardner, told me she noted a significant difference in my voice: Something had let go.”

Louise Bedichek, Washington, DC

“I came here out of curiosity of how this care would impact my life. I have a very busy life — that I love but, I hold the stress and tension in my body. With the Network Care visits I have felt that the obvious stress is not making my shoulder rise and stay rigid, not feeling the stress.”

Wilma Yost, Damascus, Maryland