Easy Spine

Reviews & Testimonials

“I love coming to Dr. Gardner. In his 10 years of practice, I saw Dr. Steve when he first started and loved him then — when I was an adolescent. But I went off to college and discontinued care. Now I’ve resumed care! I notice improvement in my ability to handle stress — less “snappy” around my friends and family and a little more empathetic, more able to articulate my own desires. The best thing is that I hit two home runs in softball after my 2nd adjustment.”

Burnice A. Cain, Riverdale, Maryland

“I’m feeling so much better. I’m walking so much more now, the color has come back in my face, the swelling in my legs has gone down so they’re not hard anymore, and I’m walking faster. It feels great. I was in great pain when I first came here. I began to feel relief after 3-4 treatments. I avoided surgery on the low back. I had it scheduled and I cancelled it.” Marilyn Morris, Silver Spring, Maryland

“I had laryngitis and hadn’t spoken for 7 days. Right after a session with Dr. Steve it was easy to talk normally.” A.L. Washington D.C.

“I typically feel like I’m doing a full back and neck massage without anyone’s help.”  Paul Squire, Bethesda, Maryland

Paula Creager, from Hyattsville, Maryland, left us this voice message the day after receiving her first adjustment from Dr. Gardner:

“Hi, Dr. Gardner, it’s Paula. I just want to let you know I just feel amazing today. And I just can’t believe it! It’s awesome! I don’t know what you did but I think it’s just great and my back just feels amazing! There’s like a little bit that’s just still a little sore but it feels like a totally different experience than I ever noticed with my back. So I just want to say you rock, you’re amazing and I totally appreciate you and I look forward to seeing you on Monday.”