Easy Spine

Reviews & Testimonials

“After our adjustments today Theo and I both felt like we were walking on air.”

Mae and Theo Homans, Silver Spring, Maryland

“That reminds me: Before I couldn’t sleep on my stomach. But I can do that now, and it doesn’t bother me. Also, if I look at my spine in the mirror, I used to have a side-to-side curve, but now it’s pretty straight.”  Lauren Thayer, McLean, Virginia

“I’ve been feeling so fluid. The stiffness is gone. I feel much more ‘in the body.”  Lisa Deere, Solomon’s Island, Maryland

“I have been unable to turn my head to the left without moving my shoulders for over 40 years. After  Wednesday’s session with Dr. Gardner, I suddenly realized I was able to turn my head independent of my shoulder as far to the left as the right!”  Mary Ann Powers, Rockville, Maryland

“Michael had a very positive response to his first treatment. He fell asleep in the car on the way home. After getting him to bed at home, he slept a total of 16 hours. Michael said he awakened the next morning feeling very relaxed and well-rested. He said he enjoyed his first treatment and anticipated the next treatment with pleasure. Thank you!”  Jean Catherine Levey, Columbia, Maryland

“Much of my life has improved since being under the care of Dr. Gardner. He is very knowledgeable, a natural physician and has a friendly and outgoing manner.”  Gary Brooks, Alexandria, Virginia