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The shape, position, and tone of your spine will determine your overall health and quality of life.

“Your body is sacred, and only through fully experiencing your biology, can you express spirit more fully, and live in a state of grace.”

– Donald Epstein, Chiropractor, Founder & Developer,
Network Spinal Analysis & Somato Respiratory Integration

Welcome to one of the most sought after, talked about holistic healing systems in the world today.

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But What If I Have Severe, Serious Issues?

Prevent the “Normal” Diseases Associated With Aging and a Stiff, Inflexible Posture

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What’s It Used For?

Click here for a list of issues for which we get the most profound results, as our reviews and testimonials attest to. Network Care, using a technique called Network Spinal, is for a healthy spine and nervous system, increasing your capacity to function. This results in

  • Easier, calmer yet energized reactions to stressful events
  • Recovering from painful injuries and trauma more quickly and profoundly
  • Healing without drugs or surgery
  • Enhanced performance in sports, music, public presentations, etc.
  • Overall well-being – beyond normal, limiting beliefs

Using the spine that contains the central nervous system as the vehicle, we’re incrementally stretching what you can sense and be easily responsive to. This strengthens the core of how capable you become in developing your coordination for which all of your life activities and aspirations demand.  The body and mind can then function in a more integrated, flexible manner, more easily recognizing and responding to stress, while developing advance strategies for managing the challenges of modern living.

Each stage in the NSA chiropractor’s care is clinically designed to further the evolution of the spine into an instrument of greater flexibility and support. It upholds the unfolding of a natural process, promoting graceful movement, self-correction of spinal distortion, and the full range of motion in all the joints along the spine – from head and neck, through mid-back, low back, down to the tailbone. The “filter” of the nervous system through which we perceive the world becomes clearer, manifesting new insights and healing, while advancing our amazing potential.

It is the exquisitely subtle nature of this approach that encourages physical and psychological defenses to literally surrender, removing the barriers to:

  • Profound levels of healing, and heightened states of wellness
  • Deeper insight and self-discovery to support higher levels of mental, emotional, and spiritual growth
  • Greater clarity in allowing us, should the time feel right, to break through old patterns of belief and programming, in support of a more empowering, dynamic life story
  • A fuller, more joyful way to experience the world

How Does It Work?

An NSANetwork Spinal Analysis chiropractor uses gentle, specifically timed, placed, and directed touches, or low force hand contacts along your neck and spine, precisely in synch with what’s already occurring, even if all you’re doing is breathing.  In doing so, we cue your brain and nervous system to release the chronic tension – physically and emotionally, brought on by stress and trauma. As you feel yourself differently, you are guided into a more flexible posture, freeing your neck and back to function as an authentic expression of who you really are. This way, we create a more sustainable way for you to be self-adjusting, successfully managing painful circumstances and challenging events.

As newfound ease and flexibility emerges, the ability to “move with the rhythm of life” becomes effortless. Stress can then be used more as a stimulus for growth and change.

How Network Care Uses the Spinal Gateway

Higher Brain Function

But What If I Have Severe, Serious Issues?

Unresolved stress from physical, emotional, or even chemical trauma creates tension in the joints, muscles, and nerves, causing distress to the body’s organs and systems, leading to pain and dis-ease. We find that the energy  required for maintaining this stiff posture characterized by static tension in muscles and joints, along with the tension on the nerves and spinal cord, is the same energy to be used for moving dynamically through the spine as fuel for healing, strength, and vitality. So our experience is that the more severe traumas actually seems to yield if anything more dramatic results. A spine that at times may feel tight or painful is transformed into a flexible spine, one that readily recovers from physically and emotionally stressful, traumatic events.
Prevent the “Normal” Diseases Associated With Aging and a Stiff, Inflexible Posture.

What Happens When Body Stays in Defense?

How it Shows Up on X-rays, MRI, CT Scans,…?

What Medical Scientists Have to Say About NSA?

Steering a Path Between Sometimes Healing, Sometimes Curing,
Under the Support of NSA Care

How To Start Care:

Your First Visit tells you how to get started in Network Care.

Or, to find out if this is a good time for you to start Network Care, you may contact Dr. Steve Gardner for consultation, without charge, by phone, email, or in person.

“Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration, Donny Epstein’s revolutionary methodologies, are amongst the most powerful sources of personal transformation I have ever experienced or seen. They produce embodied and empowered strategies that are both sustainable and enjoyable for enhanced human resourcefulness and wellness. I am stronger, more inspired, creative and healthy because of this work. It has personally and professionally helped me to maximize my ability to contribute to others.”

– Tony Robbins, Peak Performance Coach,
Best Selling Author, “Unlimited Power”

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Network Chiropractic: When to use and how many visits

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