Easy Spine

Flexible Spine, Posture, & Nerves

The flexibility of our spine and nervous system corresponds with our capacity for well-being and success. How capable we are in renewing our energy and spirit, reacting to healing challenges, relationship challenges, and unpredictable events.

Inside the spine is the brain’s tail-like extension, the spinal cord. Together, the brain and spinal cord is called the central nervous system — center for the body’s internal communication and coordination. Its ability to command the actions and energy use of cells, organs, muscles, and other nerves determines how well we can sense, perceive, tune in, and coordinate our mental and physical activities.

Unresolved physical, emotional, or chemical stress can make it difficult to adapt to daily life. Muscles and joints along the spine visibly stiffen, stagnating at one level of energy. Inside, it’s our spinal nerves and emotions that are losing their knack for adapting, stifling our ability to trust our feelings in guiding us through life’s flow of events.

Over time, posture becomes rigid and then starts to deteriorate. Whenever person, body, or mind is stuck in any repeating pattern, life stagnates, adaptation is compromised. Healing anything becomes more difficult, and it takes less and less to cause a stronger emotional upset or symptom.

The ability to adapt to change – not just to put up with or tolerate, but to gain and thrive from whatever comes our way, however adverse – will make the difference between success and well-being or despair.