Easy Spine

Scope of NSA Network Care

Progression of Care

As you progress through Network Care, you become increasingly independent from outside resources, including drugs and surgery, for bouncing back from injury, trauma, or any challenge to your well-being.

Most likely, as long as you’re on planet earth, there will always be events that move you through sadness, fear, anger and hurt. A healthy body will always be able to feel pain. Freedom from suffering is proportional to your ability to be at peace with whatever comes your way – painful or otherwise, likable or unlikable.

Regarding human qualities that we cherish —courage, compassion, strength, ability to serve, inner contentment, playfulness — the sky is the limit for strengthening these attributes that can potentially live and thrive under the most adverse conditions.

The spine, with the central nervous system being the brain and spinal cord, is the center for tapping into this unlimited potential.

Your Network Care, even with its many goals along the way, never comes to a finish line. How far you want to go will always be up to you. You will not be pressured in any subtle or not so subtle way to continue your care beyond your own motivation. As long as you like the direction you’re going, you’ll probably want to continue.

At any time, recommendations regarding level of participation can be given to match range of benefits to be expected. If there is a break in care, for however long, you will not have to start your care all over again. Everything you gain will be through kinesthetic learning, like learning to ride a bike, which means your body won’t forget what it’s learned. It’s yours for the rest of your life.

The Network Care system steers this development through its three Levels of Care. Each Level of Care produces unique spinal coordination capabilities. Each Level of Care, instead of coming to an end, actually continues to develop throughout the higher Levels of Care. The Levels of Care are there to open up more options for how you experience life, but they are not end goals unto themselves. Only that more work in Level One is usually necessary to access Level Two, and so on with Level Two making Level Three possible. Most of the time, more benefits can actually come from going deeper into the lower Level of Care, rather than utilizing the higher Level of Care.

Level One is for being in constant discovery — opposite of boredom which creates stagnation in the body,  increasing your ability to adapt to life changes.

Level Two is for transforming how you relate to yourself and the world around you, discovering how powerful it is to be your authentic self, to be whole.

Level Three is for piercing through the veil of being separate from the world around you.

Level One of Care