Easy Spine

What happens when you see your NSA Chiropractor?

The movements that people are making is that they’re actually watching the human nervous system moving from a state of defense, of protection, into one of openness, flexibility and connection. And that is one of the most dynamic, powerful, transformative ways for us to reconnect to our innate wisdom.”

When you’re on the table at Easy Spine, any natural movements you feel like making, even just how your spine moves passively as you breathe, will be where the Network Chiropractor meets and interacts with you. The graceful waves-like movements are fundamental components for accessing your energy and healing. These waves will be your natural, spontaneous responses.  Yet they’re nonetheless completely voluntary, in that they can be stopped or disallowed at any time.

Although we sometimes will give verbal instructions, the focus is on what works without having to think about it. Feeling or sensing whatever comes up naturally. It has to be that way for the results of care to work in real life, where it’s often required that you respond in the moment before you can think your way through.

One major focus of your care will be increased perception of what needs to be sensed, felt, and responded to instantaneously. Subtle cues, which may have been in the background of your awareness, will naturally come into the foreground. This will create more choices for your body in directing its energy as needed. A wider range of choices is vital for increasing your ability to heal your wounds and hurts, from stress, trauma, or injury, as well as meeting future challenging events with greater ease.

Not all wave like movements through the spine are Network waves.   The movements of the spine have to be integrated with the natural rhythm of respiration to produce the results of a Network wave. This is the body’s rhythm that allows for the most extreme dynamic activity while you’re feeling completely easy about it on the inside. It’s also when movements appear to embody a more authentic expression. It’s only during or after the Network waves that an NSA chiropractor will see that chronic tension patterns – the tension or defensive habits in your musculature, joints, and spinal cord – have been letting go.

The growing power, specificity, and diversity of your Network waves will tell any qualified NSA chiropractor how your life is progressing. Chronic tension morphs into a dynamic fluctuation of energy moving thru your body. It’s this flexibility that allows you to thrive, with calm composure, when challenged, whether it’s in sports, music, creativity, family life, bouncing back from injury or trauma, or simply meeting the ever increasing demands of modern life.

Scope of Network Care