Easy Spine

Level Three of NSA Network Care

Clinical signs – Level Three

In Advanced Care, all chronic spinal defense patterns have resolved themselves. Deep nourishing breath, optimal range of motion and flexibility flows between at least three spinal gateways, moving in perfect rapport with each other.

One of these spinal gateways will now be in the region of the thoracic rib cage of the heart. A wealth of scientific research has revealed the heart to be much more than a pump. It’s actually a center for some of the more important aspects of your emotional intelligence. The heart’s intelligence is supported by an intricate network of several types of neurons, neurotransmitters, proteins and support cells like those found in the brain. With the spinal gateway stretching and opening up in the thoracic spine, you have greater access to higher levels of intelligence and those areas of the brain responsible for connecting you to your spiritual self.

As a result, peak moments in Level Three of Care are characteristically cherished as very special, spiritually heightened experiences. The posture for moments like this is universally recognized. (See picture.) The thoracic cage of the heart is noticeably and gracefully extended. When a spinal gateway works thru this area in direct communication with other spinal gateways, the effect can be unbelievable.

This doesn’t mean that you all of a sudden become a fully enlightened being in the real world. Nonetheless, at this point in care, the deepening sense of peace from within, physically and emotionally, reaches towards your connections to the outer world as well. Life continues to become significantly easier and more enlightening throughout Network Care.

Nature of Results Reported during Level Three of Care