Easy Spine

Level One of NSA Network Care – Discover Care

Level One of care is also called Discover Care. It’s important to keep your life from becoming stagnant, which shuts down what could otherwise be more energizing.  To do that, Network Care focuses on making sure that it’s becoming more natural to always be in discovery of something new and intriguing, or even something old but now being experienced in a new way. What children do so well.  With Network Care, anything approaching boredom becomes less acceptable.

That’s why Discover Care – Level One – is never meant to come to an end to make room for the higher levels of care. It’s designed to get deeper throughout care. In fact, there can be periods of your life in which there’s so much novelty to discover, that Level One of care is all that’s needed, giving you the most profound benefits.

Clinical signs of Level One

Level One of Care is a time to connect and let go of “frozen” energy patterns holding your long-standing attachments to stress. This can be the repetitive energy pattern of long-standing tension or long-standing disengagement – muscles, joints, or nerves not working when they’re needed. The brain and nervous system is making a new connection to internal resources. A clinical example of this would be the growing ability to engage and elegantly coordinate the movement of a very specific area of the spine, called a spinal gateway. The focused movement centered around the spinal gateway involves an area about the equivalent of only one spinal segment, out of 31 spinal segments in all. This connection to a spinal gateway initiates the Network wave, as shown in the videos, to move through the rest of the spine, suspending defense-stress physiology throughout.

Nature of Results Reported – Level One

The main result of Basic Care is feeling easier and taking things more in stride.

Breathing deepens and becomes easier at the same time.

With greater range of motion and expression, your posture becomes spontaneously easier and more upright, without trying to correct it. As long-standing tension-holding patterns start to disengage, the grip on your spinal cord nerve-tension and defense physiology dramatically lessens. This makes it easier to be more in tune with your body’s wants and needs with greater mental clarity, leading to the celebration of unprecedented successes in your healing journey.

Level Two of Care