Easy Spine

Level Two of NSA Network Care

Clinical signs – Level Two

Chronic defense patterns no longer run the show. Energy can be moved very dynamically without the restricted breathing of fight or flight. Very specific locations along the spine, called spinal gateways, can be stretched beyond what was thought possible, with full, unhindered respiration. Level Two is when you experience the power of dynamic, focused energy in action without strain, owing to the action being integrated with the natural flow of the breath.

As one spinal gateway stretches, another contracts. The two spinal gateways enter into a standing wave, a harmonic rhythm, dissolving long-standing attachments to stress reactions mediated thru the spine. The coordination of Level Two reflects a higher level of organization, requiring the nervous system to greatly expand its capacity for integrating more disorganized information into a coherent state.

Nature of Results Reported – Level Two

A fearless self-confidence gains hold, emerging from a new sense of knowing who you are and what you’re all about.

It’s in this Level of Care that you find your habitual ways of reacting to life events completely transformed. (See reviews & testimonials.) The nervous system has re-wired not only the way you react to outside events, but events in your body as well. This is when chronic patterns of the body’s posture and function resolve, so that what used to be stressful life events no longer overwhelm you. This is a critical element for gaining complete freedom from your unique profile of stress-sensitive symptoms. From this point on in care, it will take a more challenging, stressful event to bring you out of ease for any prolonged period. The longer in care, the bigger challenges you pass thru with ease.

Inevitably, you gain a different relationship to your body, which results in a different way of relating to everything else. Your attraction to more life-supporting choices grows stronger – diet, exercise, lifestyle choices, etc.. A resolve stirs from within for more self-empowered action. Everything from addictive habits to even how you serve in the world can be fair game for a self transformed.

Level Three of Care