Easy Spine

Level Three of NSA Network Care

Nature of Results Reported – Level Three

Your ability to recover from stress and tension becomes more instantaneous. Thoughts cease to control and limit your experience, allowing for greater depth of feeling in seeing the bigger picture. Compassion develops for yourself and others. Deep, compassionate acceptance even for parts of your life that you do not like, that bears you pain, grief and disappointment. For all the times you “failed” yourself in any way, times you didn’t live up to what you would have liked to have been your built-in, natural character. This compassion brings you closer to the ultimate compassion for all that is and all that can ever be. Built in to each of us is the capacity to meet even the most violent acts with compassion and grace, remaining restfully alert for the most effective, commanding results. Inspirational testimonials to this experience are not uncommon.

Planet earth can be appreciated as an awesome training ground for shining your light and compassion through even the darkest shadows. Thankfully, Network Care showcases the human body – the physical as inviting as the spirit – as the vehicle perfectly designed for this training. This is the fertile ground for healing miracles.