Easy Spine

Video of NSA Care

Please note that the wave-like, spinal movements you’ll see are voluntary. They’re moving however they feel like moving, and are able to stop their movements at any time they feel like.

This video shows the NSA adjustments of Dr. Cliff Inkles, my friend and mentor, recognized within our profession as the first NSA chiropractor. Observing and receiving his care every month, I continue to grow and learn from him.

Network Adjustment Demo

Note: Next three videos were created by NSA developer and chiropractor
Dr. Donny Epstein for demonstration purposes only.

But for best results during Network Care sessions, allow yourself to do whatever comes up for you in being yourself, paying attention to what you naturally sense and feel, without making any special effort to “do it right”.

Whenever it’s easy for you to allow the energy and intelligence of your natural instincts to be expressed during your sessions here, those moments will be the most opportune times for advancing your nervous system responses. The results of Network Care could not be truly enjoyed if it were to end up being another way of “thinking your way through life”.

We understand, nonetheless, that all behavioral patterns can be quite habitual. Our job is to create the safety from within your spinal column, so that the grip of holding onto survival strategies, useful during traumatic or difficult times, is no longer felt to be needed.
Basic Care

Intermediate Care

Advanced Care