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How Often Should You See a Network Spinal Chiropractor?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was some sort of treatment plan that could cure all your ails in just one session? It sounds too good to be true because it is — there simply is no one easy way to get and stay healthy. Maintaining proper health and wellness of the body and mind is a process. It simply can’t be achieved by one single product or program. Eating one healthy meal isn’t going to magically clean up your entire digestive system and diet: You need to make healthy eating a regular habit in order to truly gain benefits from it. In today’s stressful, sedentary world of mobile phones, and the like, this same logic can and should be brought to discussions of chiropractic care.

Consuming nutritious foods, staying physically active, and avoiding addictive habits are just some of the ways you should be living your life in order to maintain optimal health and body functioning. One more fantastic healthy habit you should seriously consider adding into your daily routine to reach your best health is Network Chiropractic care.

Healing the Whole Body, Mind, and Soul with Chiropractic

For achieving the most benefits, NSA Chiropractic is best done on a regular basis, especially in the beginning of care.  Fostering postural adaptability, while avoiding spinal degeneration encroaching on the central nervous system, requires proactive training in today’s high-tech, high-stressed world, to say nothing of positional stress from computers, cell phones, driving, and the like, or just plain old manual labor.

However, this ideology should not be confused with a sense of strict requirement. One common misconception about the practice of chiropractic care is that it somehow becomes “addictive,” to the point where patients physically cannot stop chiropractic once started. This is completely false and only serves to scare people away from a very helpful and safe treatment plan.

When it comes to any kind of training, including Network Spinal Care, the gift for all of us is that purity and sincerity of intention creates the best results no matter how “bad” you are in doing what’s prescribed.  So even if it’s not within your means to follow through with the recommendations of how often you’re coming in for your next Network Spinal session, there are two other factors, besides the purity of intention factor, that I have found makes all the difference in the world in terms of results:

1)  How often you’re checking in with connecting to yourself, physically and emotionally, using the Somato-Respiratory Integration Exercises (SRI) you can do at home.  Notice I’m not saying “more time”.  Actually, whenever you use SRI, you don’t want to push yourself in doing it past the time of being intrigued from exploring what’s inside of you..  Otherwise, it becomes a boring, tedious exercise that only serves to disconnect you from yourself – the opposite of what we want.  Checking in can be whenever you have a spare moment.  A few seconds, minutes…, however long you feel like. Whenever I go to bed, and whenever I wake up are my favorite times, because it also happens to be the best way to prepare for falling asleep, and transitioning into activity when waking up.  So not only is SRI free, but in this regard, it takes up no extra time.  Nonetheless, I also like to check in with SRI before and after meditation, etc.

2)  Being of service.  I find that when people are facing some of their biggest challenges in being of service to their loved ones, or whatever they care deeply about, that also facilitates massive growth.  At least I’m noticing how much they advance in their care once they make it back in here.

Bottom Line:  Don’t let your spine fall off the radar.  It’s there for you to be growing, healing, evolving, and living an emotionally rich life of discovery.

Many patients find benefits from just one chiropractic session; the reason it’s recommended that they go back on a regular basis is to maintain this sense of well-being over time, even difficult times. That actually requires that we keep growing in some capacity, since life has a way of shutting down when nothing much new is being discovered. Boredom creates stagnation, which is stressful on the body.

What works is when you feel like you’re growing stronger in your ability to heal and serve in the world in spite of all the challenges, injuries, stress, and trauma life can throw at you.  Like “Something is going on here. I know I’m getting better in some way related to this care”, or “related to what I feel in my spine”.  Even if you can’t put your finger on what specifically is happening or articulate it.  It’s the results that count, in the totality of what your whole life is all about.

Depending on your specific health needs, goals and challenges at any particular time in your life, you may benefit best from one to several Network spinal chiropractic sessions on a regular weekly basis. Other times, going in once or twice a month is all that’s needed for what you may feel is adequate, or even have time to think about. Sometimes, even less often than that if your life is so much on a roll. Nonetheless, any time you want to go for it, with more frequent, regular care, I will completely support your discovery.  Discovering the power of what you’re capable of in becoming what I like to call a healing “machine” — bouncing back from injuries, stress, and trauma in a way that transforms you into a stronger version of who you really are.  Any functional body-mind wisdom you gain is yours for life.

It never hurts to ask your network chiropractic doctor what you’re looking for from the care and how often would be best. All you’d be doing is getting more information about your care options and healthy habits you can employ at home in your everyday life in order to extend the benefits of chiropractic beyond your regular sessions.

I personally feel that the best way to help you is to meet you where you’re at – without intruding on your values, beliefs, available options, and lifestyle. Of course, I can still make recommendations, particularly at the beginning of care, so we can both be more certain that you’ll be reaching the desired results as quickly as possible.  The beginning of care, or whenever there’s been a traumatic or challenging event, is usually the most critical time for coming in frequently.  Nonetheless, I find it very fulfilling when people meet their goals and then some, just by doing whatever they can do, even though it might have been much less than what I had recommended.

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Special thanks to Stepy Kamei for writing the original version for the beginning of this article, posted at thejoint.com