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Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy uses a strictly hands-on approach, for reclaiming the functional capacity that most animates and inspires you.

What works one moment is often found to become detrimental the next, or sometimes the other way around.  No one fits into a straightjacket.  Modulation is key.  Continuous, specifically timed modulation, in accordance with what you sense and feel, beyond the refinement that any machine is even remotely capable of, is absolutely essential for optimum healing and coordination of all activities.  No matter how impressed you may be with our work, we want you to know that it’s through your participation that we’re able to make optimum use of your nervous system.

Even when there’s a routine you wish to follow, such as with exercise, as it can often be with recipes and diets, there may be times when adapting the regimen to what your body is trying to tell you needs to be fine-tuned a bit.

In addition to the uniqueness of every moment, so it is with every person’s life story, their individual needs, adaptation and learning styles.  Our focus is on what’s most effective for working in the long run.  Dr. Steve Gardner thinks of this as your embodied wisdom that’s to be working for you around the clock, in making cellular repairs for your continuous growth and healing.  A wisdom that you keep for life.

Dr. Gardner began his studies with physical therapy – initially both electrical modalities and hands-on – before becoming a licensed chiropractor with physical therapy privileges in 1996.

Free consultation: phone (301) 986–4810, email and at office.

Dr. Gardner was one of the first 100 chiropractors to be fully certified in Network Spinal Care. He also successfully completed the first course in becoming certified as a practitioner of Network Care’s home instruction practice – Somato Respiratory Integration