Easy Spine

Two Ways to Grasp SRI Exercises

As with all skills that involve coordination, there are 2 styles of learning, both of which can be used at any time:

1) Acquiring a feel for how it’s done. This is the experience you’re given by an NSA chiropractor or SRI facilitator. You can also watch the videos.
2) Learning the rules mentally, through verbal instruction and reading.

Helpful books:
For rules and guidelines: Somato Respiratory Integration Workbook
For the stories:  the 12 Stages of Healing book

Both books, sold at our office and wherever you see them online, are always on our front desk counter. You’re welcome to browse through both.

The workbook, as you become familiar with its contents, is most useful for having a framework of ideas to pick from. More often than not, you’ll probably be drawn to whichever stage or guideline most useful at that time. Not unlike the art of cooking. First the cook acquires a collection of recipes. Then, as the cook’s repertoire and experience grows, the recipes become a springboard of ideas, to mix and match or modify for what most creatively fits the occasion.

Both methods of learning can be used interchangeably, and often are.