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Somato Respiratory Integration

“We wear our stress response in our bodies as ‘defense postures.’ The structural distortions and tension patterns are a testimony to, and physical anchor for, events that overwhelm our body-minds.”

– Dr. Donald Epstein, Founder & Developer,
Network Spinal Analysis & Somato Respiratory Integration

Somato Respiratory Integration, (SRI), as taught in the SRI Workbook, appears to consistently reverse the process of defense physiology, spinal distortions, and disconnection that hinders the expression of life.

What is SRI?


Somato Respiratory Integration – SRI – as Dr. Steve Gardner will be happy to help you grasp, allows you to explore the healing and personal development benefits of Network Care, at your own pace, outside of the Network Care office. Perhaps the next best thing to having an NSA chiropractor adjust your spine – neck, back, and hips – at home.

It involves a relaxed, focused touch for guiding specific movements, synchronized with the rhythms of respiration. There are 12 movement rhythms, from the subtle and calming to the very dynamic and energizing.

The same, underlying principles guiding NSA chiropractic are used in SRI. Like learning to ride a bike, the skills you acquire through this simple practice will last throughout your life. With just a little practice, even just a few seconds here and there on a regular basis, this skill continues to become more effective while under NSA care at Easy Spine.

Pain, stress, and trauma can cause us to disconnect from parts of our body, creating the environment for suffering, sickness, and disease. Often times it is said we use our bodies to “somatize” hurtful experiences, creating spasm, organic dysfunction, or other dis-ease as a way to wall off further discomfort.

Dr. Epstein discovered 12 basic healing rhythms, or stages, consistent with each individual’s path to healing, after observing thousands of people at public seminars he began teaching while attending to a busy, private practice as a chiropractor in Brooklyn.

With Network Care, each stage of healing can come to pass with increasing ease.  Without Network Care, any of the twelve stages are still possible, just not so likely to happen in today’s modern world.  All stages may occur during its own distinct “rite of passage”- possibly accompanied by a more chaotic time or event in one’s life – to reunite with aspects of ourselves that have been traumatized, forgotten, abused, shamed, or unforgiven.

Each stage, as described in the 12 Stages of Healing book, also has a characteristic pattern of breath, movement, and touch, that can help us to reconnect with the natural, internal rhythms of our body, and experience a greater sense of joy and well-being.

As it becomes safe to feel and experience the reconnection to our physical selves, disabling restrictions of past events are automatically relieved, promoting:

  • A more flexible, integrated experience of the spine and body-mind
  • Easier release of structural distortions/”anchors” to our past
  • Increased sense of peace and ease
  • Improved posture along with a more relaxed breathing
  • Ease – not so easily overwhelmed by stressful challenges
  • Empowering oneself to heal and transform their life experience

SRI is often used at Easy Spine during the adjustment session, guided by the NSA chiropractor, to further promote the evolution of spine and nervous system strategies at home.

SRI exercises can also be used at home between NSA chiropractic adjustment sessions to relieve acute stress and pain, and as part of one’s regular wellness routine, as thousands of people around the world have discovered.

“Donny Epstein’s methodologies produce embodied and empowered strategies that are both sustainable and enjoyable for enhanced human resourcefulness and wellness.”

– Tony Robbins, Peak Performance Coach,
Best Selling Author, “Unlimited Power”

Dr. Gardner was one of the first 100 chiropractors to be fully certified in Network Spinal Care. He also successfully completed the first course in becoming certified as a practitioner of Network Care’s home instruction practice – Somato Respiratory Integration