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Witnessing the Force

Witnessing as Peaceful Observer

What do you notice running inside of you that functions totally without your control, as if it had its own energy and intelligence, acting as its own resource?

The purpose here is to be a peaceful observer – noticing without trying to resist what you notice, chiseling away at any adversarial relationships you may notice towards yourself – your self-image, thoughts running through you, feelings – towards your body, towards others, etc.

Which resource best for paying attention to and appreciating?   Let this be determined by:

  1. What’s working for you, i.e., serving you and what your life is all about. That is, the resource or resources in which you feel safe, comforted, or focused in action that feels congruent with what your life is all about. In other words, where you feel the most peace.
    Imagine that? You don’t have to figure anything out. Everything is being done for you.But if there’s nothing to figure out, what about thinking?
    When the mental thinking resource is the best resource to be in, that’s when you’ll feel the most peace with your thoughts, because your thoughts at that moment will be interesting and revealing, i.e., evolutionary. The energy and intelligence is coming up on its own in this case, just by virtue of your natural curiosity.

    But what if nothing seems to be working?
    If you’re not at peace, check in with Stage One, with or without touch, as your current situation allows. If nothing seems to be working but you were feeling peaceful with what was running on its own, gently take note of what was keeping it going. It had to serve some purpose, even if that purpose seemed ever so selfish. Even the most selfish acts can be viewed as love for serving something, however small a scale for whatever it’s serving that may be. We always have to start somewhere. Start with what’s working and go from there.

  2. Where our attention wanders.  The thinking mind wanders by nature, driven by the other resources such as our emotions.  Rather than fighting your natural tendencies, the practices recommended here will cultivate a gentle way of steering the mental energy as if tuning an antennae for what we pay attention to.
  3. What we believe, which, when we question underlying assumptions, can evolve according to what upholds the truth while still serving our life purpose.

What about moments of tragedy, despair, failures and setbacks?

Once you see any version of the big picture, you cannot fail. All such challenges will emerge as a more fulfilling alignment with the universal force.

Always allow the simplest of understandings to lead youunderstandings that lie at the core of everything else, so that you may merge with the energy of whatever comes your way. In time, the wisdom you embody will be broader in scope, yielding deeper and more far-reaching influence.

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